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Top 10 Best Automotive Windshield Sunshades In 2023 Reviews

A windshield sunshade is an excellent investment to protect yourself and the internal components of your car. UV rays from the sun will, over time, degrade your dash, steering wheel, and your seat. This damage will be evident from cracks appearing, and you may notice the fabric on your seats fading. A more immediate benefit of a sunshade, though, is its ability to reduce the internal temperature of your car on a hot day. Cars retain heat and can easily be 30 the hotter inside than the exterior temperature. Windshield shades reflect the heat, keeping the interior of your car approximately 20-30 of cooler (i.e., your car inside will be the same as the temperature outside).

best automotive windshield sunshades

This reduction can be the difference between burning your hands on the steering wheel or not. Additionally, a cooler interior will save on fuel consumption as your AC won’t need to work as hard. With these obvious benefits in mind, you now need to decide which sunshade to buy in a market that is flooded with options. Here are our top ten recommendations to get you started.

List of Top 10 Best Automotive Windshield Sunshades In 2023 Reviews

EcoNour, Car Windshield Sunshades – Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade, 240T Polyester, Reflector Sunshade Ultimate Protection for Car Interior, Reflective Sun Blocker Fits Small Sedans, Mini SUVs & Hatchbacks, Medium (64 in x32 in)
  • Shield Your Ride: EcoNour's sunshade for car windshield blocks UV rays, reduces heat build-up, and ensures cool comfort on hot summer days.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Made from premium quality 240T polyester material, our window sun shade for car is durable, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Easy to Install: Effortlessly install our window cover for car without tools, fold it and store it in the storage pouch for hassle-free storage.
  • Find Your Perfect Fit: Must-have car accessory, our sunshield for car windshield is designed to fit most standard-sized windshields perfectly, measuring 64x32 inches.
  • Compatible: Experience maximum sun protection with our dash protector, available in multiple size variants to ensure compatibility with most family-sized four-wheelers.

This sunshade is designed to fit most vehicles and is offered in four sizes: classic 59 x 27.55″, standard 59 x 31″, large 63 x 35.4″, and X-large 67.7 x 37″. It is easily foldable and comes with a convenient storage pouch. At its core, two sturdy circles provide most of the sunlight protection, with the excess fabric used to fill the gaps. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to manipulate the unsupported material into place to cover the edges of the windshield.

EzyShade, Protect Your Vehicle from UV Sun and Heat – Windshield Sunshades

EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade with Shield-X Reflective Technology. See Vehicle Size-Chart. Foldable Car Sunshade for Front Windshield Window Car SUV Truck. Sun Visor Heat Shield. Standard (M) Size
  • SHIELD-X ULTRA REFLECTIVE TECHNOLOGY. From the very beginning EzyShade have partnered with Shield-X to produce sun shades that consistently leave car interiors cooler and more comfortable than comparable reflective sun shades (up to 15% cooler!). Shield-X is exclusive to EzyShade.
  • BEST COVERAGE. BEST FIT. Find your vehicle in the easy-to-read SIZE CHART. Don't persist with shades that don't quite fit right. EzyShade Sunshades are 2 identical rectangular shades. This allows for maximum adaptability to your car’s windshield. You can install vertically or horizontally to achieve the perfect fit.
  • EASY TO USE AND FOLD. EzyShade’s unique design gives you two folding options, one of which is so simple that EzyShade even guarantee it! There's no wrestling with these sunshades. EzyShade is quick and easy to install, and quick and easy to fold and store away. Check out the folding video on this product page.
  • KEEP COOL. Don't let the hot sun damage your car or your mood. The superior double shade design combined with Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology offers maximum coverage and efficient UV and sun protection (over 99% block out!), keeping you and your loved ones’ cooler and happier.
  • ADDED EXTRA. Every sunshade purchased includes an added non-slip sticky dashboard mat! This convenient little mat lets you slap your cell phone, change and other small items against your dash, maintaining a secure grip.

The sunshade consists of two overlapping identical rectangles which fit snuggle to the edges of your windshield. Provided in three sizes, sports (23.5 x 29″), medium (28 x 31″), and large (32.5 x 36″), you can find the right dimensions to fit your vehicle. It will block 99% of the UV rays and reduce internal heat by 82%. For convenience, this shade can be twisted into small circles and stored in the provided pouch. Currently, a bonus gift of a non-slip dashboard mat is included.

A1 Shade, Windshield SunShade Image 2-4 Guidance-Size

A1 Shades Windshield Sun Shade for Cars, Trucks, Minivans and SUVs - Universal Fit, Reflective, Storage Pouch (Small)
  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality silver-coated material, the windshield sunshade is durable, not easy to fade, tear-resistant and non-slip. The silver coating blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, providing you with a cooler and more comfortable car interior.
  • Universal Size: The car windshield sunshade is designed with 72.4 x 27.5 inches/184 x 70 cm, suitable for most SUVs, trucks, vans and cars.
  • Easy to Install and Use: Just clean the windshield, and then fix the suction cups on both sides of the sunshade. Press the sunshade against the windshield, and then flatten it with your hand or a flat object to adsorb the glass. When not in use, please fold it and store it in the car.
  • Multiple Uses: This car windshield sunshade can effectively block the sunlight and provide a cool and private space for children and pets. It can also be used as a rearview mirror sunshade, reducing glare and protecting the rearview mirror from aging.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Car Windshield Sunshade.

This sunshade is offered in an array of sizes to make sure you get a great fit, no matter what vehicle you have. Use the comprehensive size chart to find your make and model to ensure you chose the right one. This shade uses two study circles that are positioned at the edge of the windshield, which is connected by non-taut fabric. The circles are twistable, so they can be easily compacted for storage (pouch provided).

Kinder Fluff, 210T Fabric for Maximum UV and Sun Protection – Windshield Sunshades

kinder Fluff Windshield Sun Shade - The Only Certified Car Sun Shade Proven to Block 99.87% UV Rays - Car Sun Shade Windshield – Patented Design for More Durability - Car Windshield Sun Shade-(S)
  • Superior Quality- Not all window shield Sunshades block UV rays! This is the only waterproof sunshade for car windshield CERTIFIED to BLOCK 99.87% of UVB & 99.02% of UVA. The maximum level of UPF Sun protection in the category 50+ (100 SPF), to best protect your car accessories interior, dashboard & car seat cover from ultraviolet damages.
  • Superior Design- This automotive interior sun protection is made with an exclusive design of connector clamps which is longer and of a much higher quality, holding the rings sturdy & easier to fit behind car visors, door pocket & back seat organizer making this windscreen protector for cars, the most durable folding sun screen covers in the market.
  • Better Fit- Our car windshield sun shade is adjustable by simply overlapping the rings, fitting most vehicles. This front window car sun shades when fully opened measures 59x28.5 inches & when folded it measures 48.5x28.5 Best for cars windshields that are no bigger than L59"x26"W. Ideal for medium to large size vehicles. Please measure your windshields before purchasing to get the best fit.
  • Compact Design- Easy to install & remove without any suction cup, cups or adhesives or film leaving no residue on front windows glass. The foldable design & the bonus storage pouch makes it easy to fold & store in your autos, unlike car umbrella cover. Whether you have a ford, hyundai, kia, chevy, toyota, civic, tesla, volkswagen model, we got you covered!
  • The Perfect Gift- Our Car Sun Shade for Vehicle front window makes the best birthday gift & mothers day gifts for women, fathers day gifts for men, Holiday gifts for mom, dad & anyone who is interested in cool car accessories, tesla, jeep & truck accessories like car cover, window film, window shade, sun visor, steering wheel cover & other car stuff

Made from 210T coated polyester, this sunshade boasts 99% UV and sun reflection protection. Manufactured in three sizes standard (59 x 28.5″), large *63 x 34.86″), and X-large (65.7 x 37.4″), you should be able to find a good fit for your vehicle. However, the overlapping circular design means it might not be suitable for shorter windshields. The reinforced circles that support the sunshade can be twisted easily to store it in the supplied pouch.

Magnelex, Windshield Sunshades with Bonus Steering Wheel Cover Sun Shade

Magnelex Car Windshield Sunshade with Bonus Steering Wheel Cover Sun Shade. Reflective Polyester Blocks Heat and Sun. Foldable Sun Shield That Keeps Your Vehicle Cool (Large 63 x 33.8 in)
  • Fits perfectly to most sedans and Mid Size SUVs. Find your vehicle in the size chart.
  • Premium Quality reflective polyester material blocks heat & sun. Keeps your vehicle cool and protects against damage caused by hot sunlight.
  • Storage bag included. You can easily stash the sunshade in the storage bag or store long term.
  • Bonus Product: "Steering Wheel Cover Sunshade" is included in this value packed set at no extra cost. It keeps your wheel from being hot and burning your hands. Also protects steering wheel material from fading and cracking.
  • Find Your Car in the Size Chart: You can chose the right sunshade size for your vehicle in the size chart.

Utilizing the premium material, 210T coated polyester, this sunshade offers excellent protection against UV rays and at blocking out heat. Its sizes, medium (59 x 31″), large (63 x 33.8″), and X-large (65.7 x 36.4″) make these shades suitable for most sedans and midsize SUVs. The structure of the shade is generated from two sturdy circles that extend to the windshield’s edge. These can then be twisted to allow for compact storage in the matching pouch. This shade also comes with a separate cover for the steering wheel to keep it cool.

Autoamerics, 2-Piece Foldable Car Front Window Sunshade for Full Size SUV

Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-Piece Foldable Car Front Window Sunshade for Full Size SUV Truck Tesla - Auto Sun Blocker Visor Protector Blocks Max UV Rays and Keeps Your Vehicle Cool - Large Fit
  • ★ Market-leading sun protection with a Standard Silver design. The new Autoamerics 2-piece windshield sunshades combine unbeatable sun reflecting and heat blocking capabilities. We achieve our market-leading protective performance by combining the finest reflective materials and innovative design to reflect the most scorching hot UV rays and heat.
  • ★ Innovative & improved 2-piece design: Our premium sunshades are available in 3 different sizes and protect your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats from overheating. Our exclusive design 2-piece car sunshade can be installed horizontally or vertically, ensuring a perfect fit for any vehicle. Max (Large) - Each of the two pieces measure 32.5 x 36 inches (82.5 x 91.5cm). Fits perfectly with large full-size cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans with extra-large windshields.
  • ★ High-quality appearance: Autoamerics Shades are premium quality with improved high-density UV reflective material, reinforced with high-strength ductile wire and the latest heat reduction technology. Our sunshades are among the most innovative and effective sunshade solutions available on the market today!
  • ★ Easy to install & remove: Simply slide the sunshades into place above your dashboard and easily store them inside included travel bag when not in use.
  • ★ Bonus 1 dash anti-slip pad: With a 2-Piece Autoamerics sunshade will come one (1) bonus, a non-slip, sticky dashboard pad, which holds your change, cell phone, sunglasses, and other small objects on the dashboard and keeps them organized inside the car.

The shield consists of two identical foldable rectangles that overlap to provide your windshield with edge-to-edge protection. With three sizes to choose from, sports (23.5 x 29″), standard (28 x 31″), and large (32.5 x 36″), there’s a model to fit compact cars all the way up to full-size SUVs. In addition to a complimentary storage pouch, this windshield comes with two anti-slip dash mats that can be used for a phone, loose change, or sunglasses.

Coveted Shade, UV Protector Shields Auto & Keeps Vehicle Cooler

Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo (63" x 35") for Car Truck SUV - UV Protector Shields Auto & Keeps Vehicle Cooler - Easy to Use Large Pop up Sun Shade
  • Keep Your Vehicle Cooler: No more burning steering wheels, scorching dashboards, or hot interiors.
  • Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage: We use the highest quality 210T material to reflect harmful UV rays away from your vehicle.
  • It’s Easy to Use and Store: Pops up for quick use and folds away in a nice storage pouch. See how to fold the sunshade properly and easily in the video located in the Related Video Shorts down below.
  • For Large Front Windshields: L = 63" (160cm) W = 35" (90cm) Support Rings = 29.5" (75cm). Fits most large size windshields. If by chance it's too small for your vehicle, just reach out to us. We have a larger size available. See our size chart for suggested make and models.
  • Warranty and Guarantee: Each sunshade comes with a 1-year money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the sunshade (size doesn't fit, defective, rips, breaks, etc.) we'll issue a full refund. Just reach out to us and we'll take care of the issue. We’ll do what we can to make things right with you.

These sunshades use the circle-based design and come in three sizes: Standard (59 x 31.5″), jumbo (63 x 35″), and extra-jumbo (70.9 x 39.4″). Loose fabric fills in the gaps that the circles leave uncovered. Like most shades, this model uses a reflective exterior and a black interior to maximize UV and heat protection. It also comes with a pouch that the shade will compact into.

Fortem, Visor Heat Shield Protector – Keeps Out UV Rays

FORTEM USA Car Sun Shade for Windshield, Sun Visor Front Windshield Sunshade, Windshield Cover, Automotive Interior Sun Protection, Foldable, Storage Bag
  • Protect Your Asset - Prevent cracking and fading to your auto’s dashboard, interior and seats. Your Car shade front windshield will keep your car in mint condition and block out direct sunlight. Fortem sun shade for car windshield works as a protector against damaging heat and UV rays.
  • Keeps Vehicle Cool – This sun visor for car windshield ensures interior protection and blocks intense heat of the sun from getting into your van, truck, and car to keep it cool and comfortable. This reflector sunshade for car windshield is an essential product for every car owner.
  • Retractable & Easy to Use – Our Car windshield sun shade is collapsible and comes with a pouch to easily store in your car. To use, simply remove car window shade from the pouch, unfold and prop against windshield. Next, fold your sun visors down to hold your sunshield firmly against the wind shield.
  • Multiple Sizes – This Sun shade car windshield is available in three 3 different sizes: Standard, large and extra large. The wide size range will fit a wide range of Truck, SUV and Sedan models.
  • One Year Warranty – Keep your cool knowing Fortem Automotive windshield sunshades are covered for a full year!

Made from reflective polyester, this silver shade is made in four sizes, small (59 x 27.5″), medium (59 x 31″), large (63 x 34″), and X-large (66 x 36″). The diversity in size makes it suitable for most cars, SUVs, and trucks. Its design uses two circular panels to cover most of the windshield with extra, looser material to protect the remaining area. It easily folds into a small circle for simple storage in the provided cover.

EPAuto, UV Ray Deflector for Full-Size Sedan/SUV/Jeep

This windshield only comes in two sizes, compact/midsize (59 x 31″) and Full-size (63 x 34″); therefore, it won’t fit well in every vehicle. Constructed with a coating of silver nylon, this shade will block 99% of UV rays and reflects 95% of the sun’s rays. It uses the familiar pop-up circular design, using loose fabric to take the shade to the edges of your windshield. It folds into a 10″ circle for storage.

Cozyzone, +2 Bonus Side Window Shades UV Rays Protector

Cosyzone Windshield Sunshade Car Sun Shade +2 Bonus Side Window Shades UV Rays Protector, Keeps Vehicle Cooler
  • ADVANCED MATERIAL: Made of high density material, cotton padded. Premium and soft fabric ensures your car’s paint is not scratched. So that waterproof, windproof, frost-proof, ice free, and provides UV protection, fits for all weather.

This sunshade is offered in two sizes, medium (59 x 27.5″) and large (63 x 34.6″). While these sizes will fit most cars, their size range isn’t comprehensive. Using reflective material on the exterior and black on the interior, this shade protects you from UV while keeping the car cool. This one-piece shade uses two reinforced circles for its structure, with additional connected fabric to fill the rest of the windshield. Easily compacts by twisting for storage. This come comes with two window shades to keep your car protected at all times.


Whichever windshield sunshades you choose to purchase, it is essential you get one that fits your vehicle perfectly. This is the only way to get the full benefits a sunshade provides. Most brands offer similar protection from UV and a standard internal temperature reduction, so your biggest concerns when making a choice should focus on size, durability, and ease of use.

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