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A Bosch Car Battery Review And Why The ‘Hype’ Is Real

You—probably—do not need too much convincing with the branding, marketing, and selling of the power of Bosch (and its battery). But there may not be so many believers, out there, especially beginners who are just starting out or on the “lookout” for battery enthusiasts. If that is the case, maybe this Bosch car battery review can help you get around to why the Bosch battery is a fantastic product worth spending the investment on.

The Bosch Series: Is Bosch A Good Brand For Car Battery Performance? (A Review)

So, is Bosch as good as it markets its product to be—the answer is a “yes” and with all the right reasons that you, in assurance, find with a lot of the market consensus.

Not only is Bosch “good,” the more important—and arguably more relevant—argument is that it remains “a consistent” performer across different reviews and different consumer demographics.

To that end, you can say that Bosch is a battery brand (car battery or otherwise) that you can trust—and you can trust them, well.

Not for nothing, here is a look at one of “the best” battery products to come from the brand:

The Flate Plate S6-5088 Bosch AGM Battery

A considerably powerful top-five high-performance battery, this product is in renowned for many of its unique technological features as well as for its longer battery lifespan, and temperature variable resistance, not to mention coming complete with a design for no-spills for safety purposes.

Features You Can Get With This Product:

• Right off the bat, it is quite “easy” for different kinds of start-up operations even amidst difficulties in several conditions of the weather or temperature

• Warranty space, agreement, or clause that can go as far as 4-years, and that is with the guarantee for replacement in cases of trouble or dissatisfaction

• From different reviews and a note on the manufacturing brand themselves, you can possess a battery that stands up to twice more (2x) than most conventional or typical batteries in the market

• Though not considered a lightweight, this product clocks in and weights around a reasonable 47 in lbs., for a high-performance battery

• Though, by almost the same token, this battery is reasonably easy to manage and handle, with a top structure that you can use to bring it around

• Perhaps most notable among its features is a very good amperage for cold-cranking performance, and one that goes about 710 in the CCA rating—makes it “great” for all kinds of cold (or hot) temperature conditions

• Not to mention, the advanced glass (or fiber) mat technology that it employs, along with its Energy Life system, makes for long-lasting durability in terms of currents and much control, in terms of leaks and spills

• And, it contains a “backing up” from its manufacturers (referencing a lot of trusts) as a high-performance battery that is in designated for all kinds of road-trip activities

But, you may want to go for the “next best thing” (as it were) like with the Bosch product below (not so much inferior as much as complementary):

The 35-640 (B) Bosch Battery

Bosch S6535B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery
  • Maintenance free and spill proof battery construction for carefree usage
  • Enhanced charge acceptance for faster re-charging even under extreme conditions
  • Up to 2x longer life vs. conventional batteries via Energy Life technology
  • 4 year free replacement warranty included
  • Free roadside assistance for peace of mind

On more than one occasion, this product offers as many of the features that others in the brand lineup offer, with a good rating on the consumer reports based on battery lifespan, cold-cranking amperage, and the overall capacity for reserves.

Features You Can Get With This Product:

• A good rating for this battery, and one that is in review (or testing against) crucial factors like amperage for cold cranking, reservation of capacity, as well as performance in overall battery lifespan

• Comes with a good handle, which makes it reasonable for all kinds of lifting, maneuvering, and mounting onto different locations (and for various activities)

• Warranty agreement and clause that can run for up to as much as 36 months or the equivalent of three years, in terms of a replacement for your batteries (and problems in association)

• Runs through the current-voltage system, with a 640 on the CCA rating, which is “great” for all kinds of issues in hot (or cold) conditions of temperature

On the high or the low, you probably cannot go wrong when you choose the Bosch battery.

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Quick Fire Question: What Is The Best Battery For “Cold” Weather?

Outside of the Bosch recommendation (and cannot recommend Bosch enough), you will need a battery that contains three notable features:

• A battery that provides a sealable kind of structure that can protect the interior battery cell space, from outside forces—AGMs are great for this


• A battery that includes a feature that can account for the leaking or spilling that happens so much with general battery movement—AGMs, again, are great for this.


• A battery that can deliver enough amperage for all “cold-cranking or starting processes even if in the cold for a long duration of time—a high CCA rating count, then.

While—again—Bosch possesses these products, you can always “pick and choose” or “customize” for your needs.


Which Brand Is The “Best” Car Battery—And Why Does Bosch Falls In That Category?

The question above is all too familiar—and one which answers changes as much as batteries change the moment replacement season comes around.

There probably is no “best” battery, just the best for the specification—outside of popular market reviews, those specifications vary (a lot!).

Still, for the “two cents” of this piece, why does Bosch make the grade for the “best”—below are some more things to consider:

A Bosch Battery…

• The automotive model that is quite reputable for its overall “quality and innovative” products—and one that most trust outside of just batteries

• Significant in terms of the scope and scale by which it brings about its marketing and program accessibility—contains a full selection of varying product specifications

• Comes with a patent technology design and structure that meets all sorts of varying wants from the vehicle industry

• Offer high-quality chambers in its main engine that can withstand a lot of weather and temperature variations, which can wreak havoc on a lesser battery

• Assures years of satisfaction, with a focus of on a longer battery lifespan and safety integration of the system

Hopefully, this Bosch car battery review helps you make good choices and is of help to your selection criteria.

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