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Top 10 Best Bulbs for Projector Headlights Review 2024

To get a more vivid projected image (if you are facing issues while driving at night), you would always want to go with the best bulbs for projector headlights that will not only offer you a clear and bright picture but, at the same time, will be durable enough to last for many years to come.

bulbs for projector headlights

One significant advantage is that they are about 150 to 300% brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs. Such lights are also ideal for road use as they face down towards the road instead of facing the approaching vehicles, which gives you more scope for navigation.

The 10 Best Bulbs for Projector Headlights Review 2024

Another benefit of these bulbs is that they can adjust between high and low beams. There are plenty of options available in the market as far as these headlights are concerned, but to know which ones are ideal for your vehicle, let’s check the following:

Fahren H11/H9/H8 Super Focused Beam Pattern Design LED Headlight Bulbs

For those of you who want LED bulbs focused beam, then these are the ones you must have in your vehicle. With such bulbs, you will get optimum light, which will ensure you can easily drive through the roads at night without having any vision issues.

Cool White Light

Such LED bulbs come with 6500 K cool and bright light, which offers optimum brightness and has 12,000 lumens output, enabling you to see clearly at night while driving. Hence, you can easily avoid possible accidents due to collisions.


One other essential feature of these LED bulbs is their longevity, which is up to 50,000 hours. Therefore, it will offer you an enhanced vision and a prolonged service life without suffering normal wear and tear, thereby freeing you from any worries of replacement.

Heat Sink Design

Such LED bulbs come with a unique heat sink design, which is responsible for increasing heat dissipation. Apart from this, it also has a turbo cooling fan with 12000 RPM, which ensures higher heat dissipation compared to any regular LED bulbs available in the market.

Also, such LEDs have aviation-grade aluminum and work as a heat sinks. Therefore, you’ll get two systems here for heat dissipation, which makes it unique.

Easy to Install

One other significant advantage of these Fahren LED bulbs is that they comprise of 1:1 mini design similar to that of halogen bulbs. Therefore, halogen bulbs can easily be replaced with these LED bulbs. There is no need to make any modifications to your car, the housing, or the factory sockets. 

Therefore installing these is easy with the “plug and play” feature.  

CANBus Technology

Equipped with the latest CANBus technology, the Fahren LED bulbs can operate most vehicles’ computer systems and ensure that your car won’t give any error messages. 


  • Easy installation 
  • 50,000 hours of life
  • 12,000 Lumens output
  • Heat sink design


  • Complex system

Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra Headlight Bulbs

Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra Upgraded Bright White Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack
  • Get the bright white light look
  • Choose Philips CrystalVision ultra headlight bulbs for the look of HID and get bright white light on the road. Philips CrystalVision ultra headlights are DOT compliant
  • A unique blue cap on the bulb creates a cool blue effect in the headlamp’s reflector in daytime
  • Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance

With these CrystalVision LED bulbs, you’ll get optimum bright light and, therefore, a clear view of the road while driving at night. As you will get a lot of white lights on the road, it will ensure you are safe on the road with your car and the other drivers.

Enhanced Performance

Such bulbs are equipped with halogen technology, and these H11 bulbs will provide you with sufficient lights suitable for all your vision-based needs. The manufacturers test all these bulbs with Bluecoat; hence, you’ll always get better lighting than some other cheap bulbs.

Maximum Output

With over 3000 K output, you won’t complain because you’ll get adequate white light to ensure sufficient brightness. Moreover, these bulbs are based on original quality equipment; hence, there is no question regarding the bulb’s reliability.

Soothing to the Eyes

Such LED bulbs are compliant with DOT; hence, you can just ease in and watch your favorite movie without worrying about the lights affecting your eyes. Such an advantage you can only get with premium quality lights like the Phillips H11 LEDs. 

Though you get a bluish light from these LEDs, they aren’t actually blue, so do not get worried. The white light emitted out of it has a blue tint, which appears like blue light, but it isn’t.

Easy to Install

Installing these lights is relatively easy as they come with a plug-and-play kind of feature. Don’t worry about a lot of wasted time as it will hardly take five minutes to install them. Forget about any modifications or changes in the wiring or headlight housing; you can install and use them as you do with any other halogen lights.


  • Well-constructed LED lights
  • It offers a lot of bright white light
  • Installation is easy
  • No overheating issues
  • DOT compliant


  • Longevity issues

BEAM TECH H11 Super Long Lifespan LED Bulb with Chips Conversion Kit

Without a doubt, the Beamtech H11 lights are one of the best bulbs for projector headlights because it produces quality output in terms of bright light, which you won’t get from that many standard LED lights in the market. Whenever longevity, durability, etc., is concerned, these bulbs stand out as a top product.

Maximum Output

As these lights come with the latest and technologically-advanced CSP LED chip (double-sided), it is known to deliver an output of 6500 K white xenon lights, which is truly incredible for any LED light.

More than Sufficient Light

Irrespective of whether you use these lights outdoors or indoors, the H11 bulbs will offer you excellent quality white light as it delivers a colossal 4000 lumens to get a bright and clear vision no matter what the light condition is.


Even after delivering such a highly efficient output, these LED bulbs consume something around 25 watts only. Hence, they are exceptionally energy-efficient, which is one of their biggest advantages.


No one wants to replace their headlights frequently as it not only can be a costly affair but time-consuming as well. However, with these Beamtech H11 bulbs, there are no issues with longevity. Such lights come with a prolonged service life of 30000 hours, which means they can last for ten years, even if used daily.

Its service life is also enhanced due to its low heat dissipation feature, and it guarantees that you don’t have to face that many issues. Although they might be powerful; however, these lights are totally safe to use as there isn’t any circuit interference, and they won’t be going for substantial current startups.

No Overheating

Even if you are watching a football match or a movie with these projector lights, you won’t face any overheating issues as these bulbs generate low heat, which is much lesser than traditional halogen lights.


  • Low heat
  • No overheating
  • 30,000 hours of life 
  • 6500K lumen output


  • It won’t fit along with a Pico or a small setup

Cougar Motor Easy Installation LED Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

For premium quality headlights, look no further than the Cougar LED Bulbs, as they offer you cool white and clear lights that will solve your purposes as far as vision is concerned. When you have these lights on, you don’t need to worry about any dark areas or hitting an unidentified object while driving.

Such lights have a perfect beam pattern that will ensure you see everything clearly on the road at night.

Maximum Output

Such lights are about 200% brighter than regular halogen lights because it generates an output of 10000 lumens and white lights of 6000 K. With such amount of lights, you surely won’t complain.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Such lights come with a turbo cooling fan with a 7000 RPM rating; hence, they ensure excellent heat dissipation. Besides, the turbo cooling fan is covered by an aluminum housing; therefore, these bulbs won’t have that much wear and tear.


Such LED bulbs have a prolonged service of 50,000 hours and hence, will last for a long time, and you won’t need to replace them soon. That’s the advantage you get when you choose to go with major brands.

Easy to Install

Do not worry at all about its installation. Such LED lights are designed in a way that you just need to plug and play. Usually, it will take somewhere about twenty minutes or less to install them. Besides, it comes with CANBus technology, which means installing them isn’t a tough job either.


Another significant advantage of these lights is that they are suitable to be used in any weather. Such lights are waterproof, and hence they are appropriate for most climates. Moreover, such lights come with aluminum (aviation-grade), which means they are quite durable too.    


  • Longer service life
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Well-constructed design
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum output


  • Can flicker
  • Not suitable for all cars

SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 Unique Design High Beam H11/H9 Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

Like any other branded LED lights, the SEALIGHT LED bulbs are best in terms of light output, longevity, efficiency, etc. Such lights ensure that with them, you can travel significant distances in the dark without any issues like dark spots or hitting any objects whatsoever.

Brightness Assured

Such lights deliver 6000 K of white light; hence, you won’t face any appropriate lighting issues. As far as brightness is concerned, you’ll get more than 300% brightness in these lights than the standard halogen lights. Hence, these lights are your one-stop solution wherever you look to brighten things up!

Cooling Feature

In these lights, you’ll get a turbofan having a 10000 RPM rating; hence there will be appropriate cooling guaranteed. Due to this, your LED headlights will have a prolonged service life.

Longer Service Life

As mentioned earlier, these lights have a longer service life of 50,000 hours due to their efficient cooling mechanism. Therefore, you don’t need to replace them soon, and they will continue to offer enhanced performance for a substantial period.

All-weather Use

Due to their construction, such LED lights are good to use in all weather. These lights won’t be affected due to the sudden weather change, which is one reason for their popularity in the market. 

Easy to Install

Also, due to their design, they are easy to install in your car. With its optimized beam feature, you can focus on the road you are driving, and it won’t create any problems for the incoming traffic either.


Perhaps one of the reasons that differentiate them from any ordinary halogen bulb is their modernized looks. Along with offering you high-quality lights, they can also enhance your car’s appearance.


  • Longevity
  • Easy to install
  • Turbofan included for cooling
  • Appealing looks
  • All-weather fit


  • Can flicker
  • Radio Interference
  • Lacks reach

NINEO H11 H8 H9 Adjustable Adapter Design LED Headlight Bulbs

There is hardly anything better than the NINEO H11 H8 H9 headlight bulbs when it comes to projector headlights. Not only do such bulbs have high-quality features, but they also are budget-friendly. With these lights, you’ll get a wider angle for vision as it offers uniform light with a 360-degree view.

Adapter Design

One significant advantage of these NINEO lights is the adapter design, which can be adjusted for brightness. Such a feature enables you to adjust your bulbs to the ideal alignment to ensure the ideal beam pattern.

Super Brightness

Here in these lights, you will get CREE chips (customized), ensuring you’ll get maximum bright lights that are way better than ordinary halogen bulbs. Such heavy-duty bulbs deliver a brightness of 6000 lumens, which means that you get ample light without worrying about any dark or faded areas.


Such lights come with a unique dual ball (coverless) and a fan that offers maximum cooling, ensuring these lights run for a long time. 

High-quality Output

Such lights deliver an incredible output of 6500 K, which means that you can use these projector lights for viewing your favorite movies or games, irrespective of any lighting conditions. With these lights, you’ll get an excellent output of lights guaranteed.


Not only do these lights deliver high-quality output, but they are also known to run for long hours. With an incredible service life of around 55000 hours, you don’t need to worry about its longevity. Moreover, these bulbs can run for a long without the necessity of maintenance.

Installation is Easy

Such bulbs can fit into most vehicles’ headlights, so you don’t need to worry about their fitting at all. Moreover, due to its design, it can be installed in under twenty minutes without any issues.


  • 360-degree wide-angle view
  • Better brightness compared to standard halogen bulbs
  • Adjustable design
  • Efficient cooling 
  • 55000 hours of life
  • Easy installation


  • Comes with separate modules
  • Needs swapping bulbs and igniters  

Auxbeam H11 Ultra High Brightness LED Bulbs with H8 H9 H11 Led Conversion Kit

With these technologically upgraded, highly-efficient bulbs, there will be no shortage of bright lights. Such lights are quality tested and deliver such an output which you won’t complain about. Moreover, these lights are durable and offer a longer service life, which you’d want from quality headlights.

Bright Light

Such LED bulbs will offer you highly efficient bright white light, and hence you’ll always get an enhanced vision. With the Auxbeam H11 LED Bulbs, the output delivered will be 6000 K, which means you’ll get a tinge of creamy white color in your vision.

Enhanced Output

With an enhanced output of 3000 lumens, there are more than enough lights when using it as a projector. No matter what program you are watching, using these projector lights, you’ll get soothing and, at the same time, bright lights which will keep going for a long time.


Such lights are engineered with a powerful turbo that ensures efficient cooling by controlling overheating, thereby enhancing prolonged service life. Moreover, such lights come with a fan shield and an aircraft-grade case (aluminum), ensuring that the lamp lasts for a long without suffering wear and tear.


Durability is one of the major advantages that you get with these Auxbeam F-16 Series H11 LED bulbs. Such bulbs are tried and tested by the manufacturers to ensure these bulbs offer much more efficient light compared to regular halogen bulbs. Therefore, you’ll always get quality-certified products from this brand.

Easy Installation

Such LED lights come with a plug-and-play option, ensuring that they can be installed without any hassles. All you need is to plug these lights into your OEM sockets and continue to enjoy fluent lights.

All-weather Use

The Auxbeam F-16 Series H11 LED bulbs are designed to be used in any weather conditions. Such lights are built using waterproofing technology, which is why they work well in all temperatures.


  • Exceptionally built
  • 6000 K white light
  • High longevity
  • Easy to install


  • Lumens are not up to the mark
  • Decoding isn’t easy

Glowstick H13/9008 Unmatched Quality and Design LED Headlight Bulbs

For those who prefer LED lights that can offer a well-spread beam, then the Glowteck H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs are the ones you must opt for. Such bulbs will ideally suit your needs with an extensive range of whitebeam lights that will surely cover many areas without you facing any dark spots.

Maximum Output

Each pair of these lights delivers an output of 12,000 lumens, which is more than sufficient for all your vision purposes. These lights also cover a massive area due to their well-spread beams, which is another significant advantage that you can get with this top brand.

Adjustable Beam Technology

Another advantage that you can get with these LED bulbs is the upgraded beam technology, enabling you to select between high and low dual beams depending on your suitability. Therefore, now you can adjust these bright lights according to your needs.

Cooling System

Such lights use the mechanism of an air flux dual cooling system. Therefore, such bulbs will not be overheated, even if you are regularly using them while driving long trips. Due to such an efficient cooling system, heat dissipation is excellent in these headlights.


Besides, these bulbs offer you longevity of 40000 hours, which means these lights will last for a long time, and you don’t need to worry about getting them replaced shortly.


With these LED lights, you’ll get a copper cord, which ensures durability and can withstand high temperatures. Moreover, the aluminum coating (aviation-grade) is also the other reason they are durable and last long because of minimal wear and tear.

Also, it has a copper-made thermal heat sink, which enables the bulbs to cool down considerably. Such a dual cooling system is available in many LED headlights on the market.      


  • 40000 hours of life
  • Installation is easy
  • 12000 lumens output
  • Adjustable beam technology
  • Dual-cooling system


Wiring issues     

LIGHTENING DARK 10000 Lumens H11 Better Visibility LED Headlight Bulb

Since this is a list of premium quality headlights, there is no way can these LIGHTENING DARK 10000 Lumens be excluded. Even in the darkest of conditions, those who want an enhanced vision always opt for these lights for high-quality output and enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced Output

As far as quality output is concerned, such lights come in a pair and can deliver a quality output of 5000 lumens each with a CREE LEDs array. Due to such lights, foggy areas or dark spots become nonexistent. Hence, you’ll have pretty much safe driving all the way.

Advanced Technology

Such lights use advanced output technology, which offers an enhanced output. With such technology, you’ll get enhanced and efficient lights to offer you better vision or optical density. 


Such lights consist of an advanced LED chip, including a turbofan, which helps to keep the lights cool even if you have driven for longer hours consistently in the dark. Thus, cooler lights will ensure a longer service life (50000 hours) than other ordinary LED lights. 

Efficient Cooling

Due to the advanced thermal technology, these lights don’t overheat. Such technology utilizes copper plating, enabling the heat from the LEDs to transfer quickly to the turbofans.

Adjustable Beam Pattern

With the 360-degree mounting collar (adjustable), the beams can be adjusted to whichever parts of the area you’d prefer. Such an adjustable collar enables the bulbs to be appropriately mounted for an appropriate alignment. Therefore, you’ll always get an ideal beam pattern and light output for the best vision at night.

Easy Installation

Such headlights are built in a plug-and-play design. Hence, you don’t need any wires, capacitors, etc., for installation. Besides, these lights are also designed to operate under extreme weather conditions. 

For instance, even if it rains heavily, these lights’ waterproof design will ensure it runs without any issue in such a situation.      


  • Easy installation
  • 50000 hours of life
  • 10000 lumens output
  • CREE LEDs array
  • Advanced thermal technology
  • 360-degree beam pattern (adjustable)
  • advanced thermal technology


  • Flickering issue
  • Lights can be litter dimmer

HIKARI 2021, H7 Premium Quality LED Bulbs with100% Brightness Extra Night Visibility

Hikari H7 LED Fog Light Bulbs,12000LM, High Lumens LED Kit,30W Thunder LED Equivalent to 80W Ordinary LED, CANBUS Ready, Halogen Upgrade Replacement,6000K White
  • 【HIKARI Thunder LED】Model: H7. HIKARI Thunder LED Fog Light is one of the most efficient LED chips on the market, with +330% brightness when compared to standard bulbs.
  • 【12,000lm High Lumens Performance】HIKARI Thunder LEDs Fog Light are designed for the performance-orientated driver. It produces superior light output using the latest LED chips that allow these bulbs to produce over 12,000 lumens of pure high quality light! HIKARI LEDs also have an advanced error free cooling system to prevent overheating and constant current technology for burning with no filament degradation.
  • 【Crystal-Sharp Beam Pattern】 We’ve developed these Fog Light bulbs based on a large number of commercially available assembly light reflection model studies,featuring a crystal-sharp beam pattern that makes you safer on the road at night.There's no complicated wiring or drilling. Just plug them in and enjoy the clear visibility ahead!
  • 【+500% lifetime over than stock】These HIKARI Thunder Series led Fog Light bulbs will get rid of those yellowish dull looking incandescent bulbs. With an astounding lifetime of 50000 hours. So don't worry about changing a burnt out bulb again! These bulbs will make your vehicle safer while also making it look cool at night with the cool blue color and intense brightness.
  • 【CANBUS Built-in/Error Free】These bulbs have CANBUS built-in and can work perfectly for 95% of vehicles. Some vehicles may require an additional error canceller or resistors. Contact HIKARI, and we will send it to you free of charge.

Who doesn’t want a combination of efficiency, output, brightness quality, all-in-one delivered in a headlight? Your wait is over as the HIKARI H7 LED Bulbs are the ones that will offer you an enhanced vision through their extremely high-quality white lights. 

Extreme Brightness

Such lights, made by the XHP50.2 LED chips, will offer you an output of 12000 lumens, which is quite excellent as it is 270% brighter than other regular halogen lights. Therefore you will get ample light no matter whatever conditions you are driving.

Beam Pattern

Also, with such lights, the beam pattern is excellent. Hence, you can adjust the lights according to your suitability, which means you won’t have any problems spotting any foggy or dark areas or approaching vehicles. Such lights offer an output of 5200 lumens, which is a significant reason for their popularity.

Efficient Cooling

With these LEDs, you’ll get an ultra-thin heat sink, which enables smooth heat dissipation. Therefore, these lights won’t get quickly overheated and thus will also ensure that it doesn’t suffer normal wear and tear.


As far as these lights’ longevity is concerned, you certainly won’t complain as they can last up to 50,000 hours, which means they can last for a long time without giving you the worries of replacing them soon.


Such LEDs are DOT-compliant; therefore, there is no question about their durability or reliability. Also, the copper sub-mount built of these bulbs is the other reason for its durableness.  

360-degree Rotation

With these lights, you can get the fantastic feature of 360-degree Rotation. Hence, you can easily adjust the angle of the lights to get a full viewing experience.


  • Bright and sharp light
  • 50000 hours of life
  • Efficient cooling
  • DOT compliant
  • 360-degree Rotation


  • Not supported in all designs     

Buying Considerations of the Best LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights

bulbs for projector headlights

Whenever you decide to buy the best bulbs for projector headlights, keep these factors in mind: 


Brightness is a vital aspect to consider while buying LED headlights. Whenever you are checking the lumens figure, you’ll have an idea about its brightness. If you want better brightness, then you need to choose LED lights with a better lumens figure.

So if you generally utilize the projector for external use or in zones with a ton of light impedance, you should select headlights that offer over 3000 ANSI lumens. In any case, if you want to use a projector mostly for indoors or not-so-light or dark rooms, using lights with 2000 ANSI lumens will be o.k. 


No way should you compromise on your headlight’s longevity because these are quite costly. A lamp’s strength can be judged based on the lamp hour figure. By and large, a profoundly durable bulb will have a 15000hour of lifespan that reverberates with the minimum usage of five years.

The top-end units have a longer service life, but they’re expensive too. Therefore, you must go for longevity depending upon the budget; however, don’t choose anything having a service life of fewer than 3000 hours. 

bulbs for projector headlights

Cooling Capacity

LEDs, due to their design and working features, don’t generate a lot of heat. However, it won’t mean that there isn’t any cooling mechanism at all. The cooling mechanism here refers to the heat dissipation feature.

When there is sufficient heat dissipation, the lights’ temperature will always be lower. Therefore, you’ll be able to use them for longer durations with no breaks. Basically, in every LED, there should be at least one heat dissipation system.

If it incorporates a double heat dissipation mechanism, then nothing better than that. Always compare the top options regarding these parameters because it will help you choose the right LED for your use.


bulbs for projector headlights

One of the major issues that one faces with LED headlights is maintenance; therefore, always choose a headlight that won’t require frequent maintenance. Try and choose a bulb that doesn’t accompany a filter because then you’d require to maintain them.

So that dust doesn’t get built up there due to usage at regular intervals.

Adapter Design

A proper headlight with a 360-degree module feature enables the reflector of your vehicle to monitor the entire street, and this is a lot of significance. A few times, the vehicle’s headlight focus remains strict, and it doesn’t confront the side vehicles, so it might result in an accident.

Let’s say you are driving with earphones in your ear and don’t get to hear the sound of horns correctly. In that case, the 360-degree feature can clearly allow viewing the entire highway to locate any vehicles nearby and avoid possible collisions. 

bulbs for projector headlights

Better Beam Pattern

Most people would like their LEDs to provide optimum lights at every angle to reach all corners of an area. Quality LED lights with better beam patterns enable you to adjust the lights’ angle as per your needs.

Moreover, it enables you to focus on the road for approaching vehicles from different angles.  

Easy to Install

To save a lot of time, many users today are looking for headlights that are easy to install and won’t need many accessories or wires to make the process more complicated. 

Therefore, if you choose any of such bulbs listed above, you won’t need to worry at all about their installation, as most of them take around 15-20 minutes to install. As you might have some other work to do, installing these lights will take minimum fuss.

bulbs for projector headlights

You can install them instantly and start enjoying highly efficient optimum bright white lights.

Best Bulbs for Projector Headlights- Important FAQs

Herein are a few frequently asked questions about the best-led bulbs for projector headlights which will help you in deciding on the ideal ones to buy for your vehicle:

Q: Can halogen headlight bulbs be replaced with LEDs?

Ans: Yes, indeed. Factory-fitted halogen headlights can always be replaced with LEDs. Such lights offer brighter lights and broader coverage as far as headlights are concerned. Therefore, you’ll have better safety while driving with an enhanced light output. 

Q: Is it possible to use LED bulbs in a halogen fitting?

Ans: Yes, provided the wattage of your chosen LED bulb is lesser than your halogen socket. A LED bulb will most likely consume just around 6 or 7 watts, similar to a 50-watt halogen bulb. That is why LED bulbs are more costly; the longer the utilization, the worthier the cost. 

bulbs for projector headlights

Q: Can a 12v halogen be replaced with LED?

Ans: The halogen bulbs that generally run at 12 volts are the MR16. Luckily, most LED light bulbs are currently made in such a manner that it fits the halogen light fittings that currently exist. 

Therefore, you can undoubtedly replace a halogen bulb of 12 volts with LEDs (bulbs). Besides, there are assortments of LED bulbs (MR-compatible) accessible that devour about half less power than Halogen bulbs, that is, the MR16 ones.  

Q: Is upgrading LED headlights worth it?

Ans: The prevalence of LED headlights is step-by-step expanding because of their iridescent proficiency, more extensive coverage, and lesser power-utilizing benefits. Generally, the average halogen bulbs (factory set) have an output of 1,000 lumens only; however, the output is 3000+ lumens as far as the LED bulbs are concerned. 

Besides, you’ll get a lifetime of 2000-3000 hours max from halogen headlights, which is virtually nothing compared to LED lights, whose lifespan is 100,000 hours. Therefore, there is no doubt that upgrading to LED headlights is your best option.

bulbs for projector headlights

Q: Are LED lights better or HID?

Ans: If you have projector headlights in your vehicle, upgrading your halogen lights to HIDs is your ideal option. Though you can still go with LEDs, they won’t give you a satisfactory performance. More often, if you have a factory set of halogen lights, they will sparkle more glowingly than LEDs in projector-type headlights. 

Q: What are the bulbs that are used in projector lights?

Ans: HID bulbs and halogen are mostly used in projector headlights. You can likewise utilize LEDs; however, it might not give you the ideal result that you can get with HID lights. 

Q: Is 6000k brighter or 8000k?

Ans: LED bulbs with a light intensity of 6000K deliver a pale blue, bright white tone, which is called “pure white light” scientifically. However, the 8000K LED bulbs radiate a bit of blue light that isn’t too visible. As far as better vision is concerned, especially at night time, choosing the 6000 K bulbs is always better than 8000 K ones. 

bulbs for projector headlights

Q: How many lumens is equivalent to 6000k LED?

Ans: Hypothetically, the unit of luminous flux inferred by estimating the light flow’s time rate is referred to as a lumen. The lumen relies upon different color temperatures, types of bulbs, and their makers. However, a 6000K LED’s lumen output ranges between 2400-2800 lumens. 

Q: What does 6000k mean for LED lights?

Ans: Usually, the temperatures of LED coloring can go from 2300K to 6000K. The lower Kelvin lights transmit the hottest light. Then again, with the higher Kelvin, you get the coldest and the brightest light. 6000K LED implies premium brightness in color with a blue tint having a shining look.


Getting the best bulbs for projector headlights isn’t a difficult choice to make, especially when you have so many options available in the market. All you need is to do a little research about which kind of LED lights are suitable for your vehicle make and model.

Also, almost all the modern LEDs, especially those listed above, can be installed quickly, so you don’t need to bother about wasting money on their installation, which is also a significant reason you should opt for them.

Therefore, to know more about the specifications of these products, you can check the mentioned products above to get a fair idea. Hopefully, this review has helped you to know all the necessary things to keep in mind while buying the best-LED lights for your vehicle. All the best!

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