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Best Cargo Roof Basket in 2024 Reviews: How To Choose Best Roof Basket?

If you want to expand your vehicle’s capacity to carry and transport more items, particularly larger ones, then a cargo roof basket is the perfect item that you need. With a cargo basket, you can stow additional gear while giving you more room for your passengers or other smaller items in the vehicle. It is all a matter of knowing which product to choose for your needs, which you can find in these best cargo roof basket reviews.

A cargo roof basket allows you to store various items in the vehicle without any problem even if these come in odd shapes. Due to its open storage design, it is never a problem to pile as many items as you want. There are no limits unlike with a cargo carrier or roof bag. But the most important thing is that you use a net or bungees to fasten your goods tightly, so they will not fall off while your car is in motion. If you think that roof baskets are likely to get damaged from water, you will be glad to know that there is a special coating added to shield these from UV rays or from rust. Even if you need to pack your skis, golf clubs, surfboards, or snowboards, this should be ultimately possible with a roof basket.

Best Cargo Roof Basket in 2024 Reviews

Here, we feature the best cargo roof baskets in 2021 reviews for a selection of items that will match your needs and specification. Please feel free to browse through each product as you check out their key features, benefits, and limitations.

Rage Powersports Roof Cargo Basket Heavy Duty with Wind Fairing ER-08208S

Apex ER-08208S Heavy Duty Vehicle Roof Cargo Basket with Wind Fairing
  • Attaches to an existing vehicle roof rack cross bars to provide extra storage capacity up to 150 lbs
  • Provides many tie-down point locations, great for securing gear with cargo nets
  • Mounting requires at least 1.25" from vehicle roof to cross bars, with 21-30" spacing distance betwe
  • Heavy duty 1" outside diameter tube steel frame (0.5" inside diameter) with a black paint finish
  • Assembly is required, hardware is included

If what you look for in a durable and solid cargo roof basket, then this product is one that is worth considering. It has a rung design that lets you secure your luggage, gear, and various types of equipment with bungees, tie-down straps, or cargo nets. There is a spacious usable area inside, and the entire unit is made from heavy-duty steel material with a smooth black finish to ensure its optimum durability. Installation is also a breeze with this unit, but be sure to follow to the maximum cargo capacity of 150 pounds.

One issue that some people have experienced with this roof basket is the popping off of the X’s on the side portion of the unit. However, this was an isolated case, and the company gave replacement pieces without a cost.

ARKSEN 64-Inch Universal Cargo Roof Basket for SUV

ARKSEN 64 x 39 Inch Universal 150LB Heavy Duty Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket for SUV, Truck, & Car Steel Construction
  • [LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY] Free up space in your vehicle with this roof rack cargo basket that can hold up to 150 lbs. Overall dimensions include: 64"(L) x 39"(W) x 6"(H).
  • [RIGID CONSTRUCTION] Heavy-duty steel construction with black powder coating resists weather elements and corrosion, offering several years of long-lasting use.
  • [EXTRA SECURITY] Bottom metal bars and side rails keep your items secure during traveling. Features a steel wind fairing to protect cargo from wind damage and reduce wind resistance.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] Easy to install on most vehicles. This cargo carrier utilizes your car's crossbars, easily mounting with four universal U-bolts.
  • [VERSTAILE CARGO BASKET] Suitable for carrying camping supplies, firewood, luggage, hunting and fishing gear, and more during camping, road trips, or when moving.

There are so many things that you will appreciate about this unit including the ease of assembly and the durability of the basket as it is made from high-quality steel. There is a wind fairing crafted from steel that minimizes noise and resistance even if you drive on maximum speed on the highway. This roof basket makes use of the crossbars of your vehicle, and mounting becomes much easier with the 4 universal U-bolt pieces. You can count on this basket to fit most vehicles, so you will not have a hard time hauling larger cargo bags, luggage, and camping equipment for your trip. With a smooth powder coating for the finish, this basket is protected from corrosion and intense heat of the sun.

Perhaps the only issue you may have to deal with this cargo basket is the noise it tends to generate. This can be minimized once you have removed the fairing off the basket’s front part. But overall, it is a good quality roof basket that works.

CURT Cargo Roof Basket 18115

CURT 18115 Universal 42 x 37-Inch Black Steel Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  • ENHANCED SECURITY. This rooftop cargo carrier has 4-inch high walls to keep items securely in place. It also features a windshield on the front to protect cargo from high-speed winds during travel
  • EASY TO USE. Adding cargo space to your vehicle is easy with this rooftop cargo carrier. It frees up the inside of your vehicle for other cargo or passengers. It can also accept a cargo net or cargo bag for increased item security
  • UNIVERSAL FIT. This rooftop cargo carrier securely attaches to most roof rack rails, using simple, universal brackets. The roof basket comes in two pieces and assembles quickly with the included hardware
  • DURABLE BUILD. This roof rack basket is constructed from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design. It is also finished with an E-coat and carbide black powder coat for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • EXPANDABLE. Great as a car roof rack, this cargo carrier is expandable. With the separate extension piece CURT #18117, the usable square footage goes from 11 sq. ft. to nearly 17 sq. ft

Sometimes, the amount of space that you have in your car does not suffice if you have quite a bulk of items needed to be transported from point A to point B. This is why a cargo basket for the roof of your vehicle surely comes in handy because in maximizes your storage space while keeping your good secured. The basket is constructed from solid steel with black powder coating for the finish, so it can resist the tough environment you deal with while on the road. Plus, there is an extension option for this unit, and you can get up to 16 square feet of space for bigger items in tow.

There are a few points worth mentioning about this cargo roof basket. For instance, the knobs can be tricky to tighten before you can get the basket firm on the bars. There may be even an inch or two left on the bolt ends that may remain even after you think the bolts have been snugged down. Also, be careful when you tighten the screws for the plastic brackets as you install the front fairing since these components may crack if you are not careful.

TMS 50 x 39-Inch ALUM-RFCARRIER Roof Cargo Basket RCR5040A

When it comes to getting more storage for your vehicle, this cargo roof basket is an outstanding solution to consider. This unit is efficient to install, as there is mounting hardware that you can put on and remove without a hassle. The black, smooth finish protects the steel from harsh elements to ensure the basket’s longer life span. Thus, you can transport larger loads and secure the accessories straight to the crossbars of the cargo basket. It is also a lightweight and durable rack for the price you pay.

You may notice that the hardware does not look and feel quite impressive. They have a tendency to rust over time, so this can be an issue with the overall quality of the unit. But other than this, the cargo basket is indeed worth your dollar.

Summates Universal 47-Inch Cargo Roof Basket

Summates 47" Universal Roof Cargo Rack Roof Basket (47" x 39" x 5.5")
  • Adds a vehicle roof storage area for carrying extra gears,Maximual loading weight up to 150lbs.
  • Updated frame structure provides more durable and stable for long term use
  • Mounts to existing cross-bars with 4sets of brackets

Whenever you need additional storage for your bigger items in the vehicle, this cargo roof basket from Summates should be a fine option to consider. You can easily mount this to your crossbars by simply using four sets of brackets. What’s more, the structure of this unit has been updated, so you can expect it to be more stable and highly durable for long years of usage. Just be sure to take note of the maximum loading capacity of 150 pounds to prevent any issue.

Please keep in mind that going beyond the weight limit and reaching the 200-pound mark can be risky. You should also see to it that the items are loaded evenly to distribute the weight equally inside the roof basket. Then, make it a point to tie down the basket and keep it covered for securing your packages and goods.

Universal Roof Rack 64-Inch for SUV

67" Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket Travel SUV
  • Easy to assemble and install: It can be easily installed on the crossbeam of the vehicle through 4 universal U-bolts. Suitable for all models, Such as GMC Jimmy, Jeep Cherokee, SUV, BMW, Pioneer, Honda, etc.
  • Heavy-duty steel structure: This roof rack basket is made of heavy-duty steel structure with powder coating, which is durable.
  • Fixed design: 6-inch high side rails keep the cargo in place. The metal mesh and side rails at the bottom can help you secure items while providing a lot of lashing points. Large capacity: Provides additional storage capacity of up to 250 pounds.
  • Warning: Never overload this rack! Though very durable, this external roof rack is not designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in case of an accident or rollover. Please remove the luggage rack before washing the car automatically. Accommodating square cross bars up to 3.75" wide x 1.875" thick or round bars up to 1.875" in diameter.
  • Extension design: The extension part is detachable, suitable for vehicles of any size, large or small. Overall Dimensions w/No Extension: (38"x43"x4"). Overall Dimension w/ Extension: (67"x38"x4") U-Bolt spacing: 1.875'' x 3.75".

This is a large and spacious cargo basket for the roof of your vehicle, which lets you carry more items that you do not plan on taking with you inside. It is a sturdy and weather-resistant rack that is made from durable steel with the black coating as protection from rust. Using the universal U-bolts, you can simply mount this to the cross bars of your vehicle. Included in the package is a customized wind fairing to reduce vibration and wind noise while the vehicle is in motion.

For the price point of this item, you can say that it is quite impressive. In case you have an issue with the alignment of the tubes, it may be wise to try a 3/8-inch rebard that can fit perfectly inside. A 36- to 48-inch length of rebard can also help in distributing the weight and aligning the tubes well.

CURT Cargo Roof Basket with Extension 18117

CURT 18117 21 x 37-Inch Roof Rack Extension for CURT Rooftop Cargo Carrier 18115
  • EXTENSION. This cargo carrier extension is designed to be used in combination with the CURT car roof rack carrier #18115 (sold separately). It installs easily and increases the usable square footage from 11 sq. ft. to nearly 17 sq. ft
  • ENHANCED SECURITY. This rooftop cargo carrier extension has 4-inch high walls to keep items securely in place during travel
  • EASY TO USE. Adding cargo space to your vehicle is easy with this extension and the rooftop cargo carrier #18115 (not included). It frees up the inside of your vehicle for other cargo or passengers
  • UNIVERSAL FIT. Once installed on the rooftop cargo carrier #18115, the extended carrier securely attaches to most roof rack rails, using simple, universal brackets. This extension piece assembles quickly with no additional hardware needed
  • DURABLE BUILD. This roof rack basket extension is constructed from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design. It is also finished with an E-coat and carbide black powder coat for long-lasting corrosion resistance

Instead of squeezing everything inside your vehicle, you may want to try expanding your storage using a cargo roof basket. This helps free up more space for your cargo and passengers as it adds up to 6 square feet of extra storage area on the roof. This is a lightweight and heavy-duty rack that can be installed with ease at all times. With an aerodynamic design, your cargo is protected from damage due to strong winds. There are also high walls about 4 inches in height to secure your items further.

Overall, it is a good rack for your money as it is indeed sturdy and spacious. But you may want to seal the joints using an RTV sealant combined with an extra coating of a Rustolium paint to keep rust stains from causing damages to the unit.

Universale Roof Cargo Carrier 43-Inch for SUV

HTTMT MT371-029-M Black Universal Roof Rack Cargo Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket Travel SUV
  • Weight Capacity: 220LB
  • Overall dimensions: 43"(L) x 38.5"(W) x 6-1/2'(H)
  • Wind Fairing dimension: 33.5" x 7"
  • U-Bolt spacing: 3.25" wide x 1.375

Using the crossbars, you should be able to mount with 4 U-bolts with a universal size. It can also accommodate a maximum width of 3.25 inches for the square crossbars. Most vehicles can benefit from this cargo carrier, and it is the perfect unit for transporting your camping equipment, cargo bags, and luggage, to name a few. Made from durable steel with black powder coating for the finish, this item should last for a long time.

Some people put cushions underneath the brackets to prevent them from scratching the roof of the vehicle whenever there are speed bumps that cause bouncing. The noise level is also tolerable, unlike with other roof baskets. However, you may have a tough time understanding the directions in the manual as these are not very clear.

Highland U-Venture Cargo Roof Steel Basket 1041900

Highland 1041900 U-Venture Steel Rooftop Cargo Basket, Old Style
  • Quality durable steel construction
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Angled front wind shield resists drag
  • Mounts to most factory and aftermarket cross bars
  • Easy to assemble

This durable rooftop basket is made from superior quality steel with a weather-resistant finish that ensures its long life span and quality performance. The sleek aerodynamics is impressive, and you should be able to mount it with ease to the crossbars. There are even rubber gaskets that prevent internal rusting, which is a common issue with metal roof baskets. With a full size, this unit should perfectly fit all SUVs. Just be sure to maintain the load limit of 125 pounds.

A truly reasonably-priced roof basket, this item is truly worth it. There is minimal noise produced, but it should not be excessive unless you are on the highway.

ROLA V-Tex Roof Cargo Basket 59504

Suitable for SUVs and even full-size cars, this cargo basket can be installed on vehicles with roof bars. By using this unit, there is more space freed up in your vehicle for your comfort. You will also like the durability of this unit as it is made from solid steel. Also, you can secure various items in the basket without any risk of damage or losses. As long as you use a tarp that is tied tightly around your goods, wind noise can be prevented.

You may observe a slight loss of 5 – 10 mpg due to a fully loaded basket. This, however, only arises from a combination of wind resistance with the excess weight. But for the most part, this cargo basket works just as expected.

There you have our best cargo roof baskets reviews. We hope that after reading our list, you were able to find the item that matches your needs the most for the best bang for your buck.

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