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Top 10 Best Chip For 7 3 Powerstroke Review 2024

Whilst looking for an upgrade for your Ford, consider purchasing the best chip for 7 3 Powerstroke. Along with improving the efficiency of the engine, it will also save a lot in fuel consumption. One of the economical ways of modifying the riding or driving experience is installing a performance enhancer.

A chip that adjusts the programs of the electric vehicles enables the improvement of horsepower and torque. By aligning with the pre-installed programs, it enhances the balance between the air-fuel ratio. As a result, there is complete combustion and reduced emission.

The 10 Best Chip for 7.3 Powerstroke Review 2024

Below is a list of some of the best performance chips in the market, which have proved their efficiency practically. Each of these chips accompanies a set of its features to let you know its functionality. Further, each of these also has its respective pros and cons to give you a detailed idea of its performance.

To avoid confusion during your purchase, there is a list of factors that will support your analysis process. Ensure to consider them so that you avoid making a wrong decision. Without further delay, let us get started.

TS Performance 7.3L Ford Powerstroke with KNOB 140+ HP

For optimal engine performance, it is necessary to have full control of the vehicle’s working condition. Owning a 7.3 Powerstroke is reliable but maintaining its efficiency is essential to ensure its long-lasting ability. Installing a chip like the one from TS will ensure a positive alteration without the need for any other parameters. 


Vehicles with 7.3 Powerstroke and TS chip assist in less fuel consumption than it normally does in the absence of it. Since the fuel engine’s pressure is lower, it gives better durability and enhances performance. Along with minimizing the release from the exhaust, it also helps in reducing extra costs.

A few years old, vehicles often lose their ability to self-tune as they could during the first few years of purchase. 

Better Performance

When both the engine and exhaust system function appropriately, the vehicle itself gives a satisfactory performance. Along with improving the riding quality of passengers, it also enhances driving. Further, by improving its horsepower, the acceleration improves as well and helps in having more control of the vehicle. 

Simple to Use

Although installing other mechanical parts in a vehicle may seem difficult, installing the best chip for a 7.3 Powerstroke is a cakewalk. However, you must have a basic idea of its usage. Further, expert or professional help is always advisable if you are new to it. 


  • Removal of engine limits 
  • Modification is possible, as desired
  • Improves the top speed
  • Cost-efficient in long-run


  • Stressful on the engine’s ability
  • Faster possibility of wearing

Mishimoto MMTC-F2D-99SL Transmission Compatible With Ford 7.3

Mishimoto MMTC-F2D-99SL Transmission Cooler Compatible With Ford 7.3 Powerstroke 1999-2003 Silver
  • Direct fit for the 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
  • Proven +10°F (+5.6°C) drop in transmission fluid temperature with no additional fluid pressure drop
  • 37-row stacked plate fluid cooler provides 265% increase in core volume compared the stock 9-row transmission cooler
  • No modification necessary for installation, functions with all stock equipment
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Looking for the perfect chip for your 7.3 Powerstroke can be tedious, but one of the best is from Mishimoto when you look closely. Its already modified settings make it a ready-to-use accessory if you want to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Since most 7.3 Powerstroke vehicles have a certain limit to the engine’s performance, installing a reliable chip will help in the course. 

Maintains Pressure Drop

After installing the chip, the pressure of the transmission fluid will drop to a certain extent, reducing the tear in the engine. Further, you do not have to change the lubricating fluid too often frequently. Regular maintenance will be sufficient, and it will also reduce the damage to the engine which occurs due to o friction. 

Complete Fuel Burn

With the help of these chips, there is a technical determination of how much fuel is necessary for the engine. However, for this, the chip analyses the external temperature and the environmental density. When the engine receives a specific amount of fuel with a maintained temperature, combustion is complete.

Easy Installation

If your vehicle model falls under 1999-2003, the chip will fit easily without further modifications. Hence, you do not need to think about settings and adjusting them with the vehicle. If you own a Ford 7.3 l Powerstroke model, this chip will serve its purpose. 


  • Efficient cooling capacity
  • Provides a larger space for cooling
  • Sturdy and durable pack
  • Requires basic installation skills


  • No instruction booklet is available
  • Three transmissions are necessary before the effectiveness

TS Performance 1180406 Fuel Economy Switchable Chip

Minimizing frequent servicing trips for your engine issues of 7.3 Powerstroke is installing an appropriate performance tuning chip. Since you can plug this directly into the vehicle’s computer system, no complicated procedure is necessary. Further, there is a detailed booklet for helping you with the installation.

Along with providing satisfactory performance, it also keeps a check on fuel consumption. Hence, it saves a lot of costs incurred from excess use of fuel. 

Higher Power

Installing this chip tends to improve the accelerating power of the vehicle and thus allows better driving techniques. As a result, its overall power increases and is suitable for those who involve in regular heavy-duty work. 


Since the chip is adjustable, it gives better fuel efficiency by sending the exact amount of fuel. Further, the ignition time also gets sufficient, which improves the output power. Hence, it provides an opportunity of reducing the cost incurred from excess fuel consumption.


Connecting the chip with the sensors of the vehicle triggers the alarm system. You can receive notifications on your phone if someone else tries to take undue advantage of your car in your absence. 


  • Straightforward installing procedure
  • Glides on roads effortlessly
  • No release of smoke
  • The difference in shift points


  • PCM code may vary 
  • Fuel-efficiency takes time

TS Performance 1180401 High-Quality Blank Chip

Driving across a highway is now more convenient, as vehicles with 7.3 Powerstroke have the capacity to install a performance chip. Along with making you aware of the next steps, it also sends directions about the required fuel quantity.

Since most parameters are already set in the vehicle, adding the TS chip helps adjust them as per requirement. 

Immediate Difference

Once installed, there is an immediately noticeable difference in both riding and driving quality. Further, the economical use of fuel reduces extra costs and saves non-renewable energy from unnecessary consumption. Due to the complete combustion of fuel, the emissions are much reduced than in the usual case. 

Improves Torque

With an increase in torque than it was at the time of purchase, there is a higher rotation rate per minute. This indicates that you can use your 7.3 Powerstroke for heavy-duty usages, like transporting heavy loads. There is nothing to worry about its lift, as the chip maintains the vehicle’s height with certain adjustments. 

No Detection

Since a lot of dealers oppose the use of chips, frequent removal may damage it. After using the TS-chip, it was found that there is no visible detection of it in the data or the system. Since it does not store any data, detection is not easily possible.

However, if required, you can always plug in and out the device and enjoy its perks, especially during long drives. 


  • Work well with older models
  • Satisfactory increase in mileage
  • Effortless switching of settings 
  • It feels like a new car


  • Compatibility issues with the circuit board
  • Requires delicate handling while programming

TS Performance 1180409 Cab Adjustable Fuel Switchable Chip

Ideal for 7.3 Powerstroke, this chip is among the most sought-after for those owning Ford vehicles particularly. Due to its limited availability, it is usually not available in the market readily.

Its perfect fit with the Ford ensures its high compatibility rate. Further, its easy usage makes it suitable for those who are not much aware of its installation. 

Quick Switching

Although switching tunes while driving is dangerous, especially if you are on a highway, this chip allows effortless switching. Being a simple knob, you can input new tunes without discarding the pre-set ones. Further, this also works in automatic cars. 

Engine Monitoring

Since the engine is the driving force of the vehicle, its smooth functioning is an utmost necessity. TS-chip ensures maintenance of the engine by ensuring its required facilities as per the external condition. When the engine can use the fuel to its maximum potential, the vehicle will surely give better mileage.

With the installation of the chip, the engine’s performance is noticeably monitored to let you know about its condition. Hence you will be aware before the engine breaks down. 


Due to its capability of adjusting the settings, the vehicle can self-adjust with the type of surface it is running across. The driver can easily feel the difference and improves his driving experience in most extreme terrains. 


  • Positioning details marked on the chip
  • Instant changes after application
  • Works well in regular mode
  • Inclusion of an instruction booklet


  • Requires frequent cleaning of the terminals
  • Shifting gears is difficult

Edge Products 15000 Premium Quality Evolution Programmer

Another enhancing product that deserves to be on this list is the Edge chip that initiates the programmer of the 7.3 Powerstroke. After a few years, old vehicles start losing their actual horsepower, so installing this chip will be beneficial. Secondly, it will also improve the accelerating power and the overall driving experience. 

Shorter Traveling Distance

By improving the speed of the vehicle, you can rely on reaching your destination faster. Older vehicles tend to slow down in speed and put more pressure on the engine. As a result, there will be a high probability of engine failure due to the excess traveling that it can handle.

Further, there is also more fuel consumption than necessary. Installing the Edge chip will enhance the functioning of the engine and save fuel. 

Different Settings

The ability to change the power in this chip makes it more convenient to use. There are options of changing the power into three different levels as per your driving taste or preference. Moreover, changing the settings is also easy while driving, although it can be risky at most times. 

Display Screen

There is a small yet distinct display screen that instructs the next steps while changing the settings. There are small buttons on both sides of the screen for different functions. Instructions on the screen are readable, and the chip has solid coverage in the form of a box coated with silver paint. 


  • Strong and durable cord
  • Tightly fits in position
  • Standard quality material
  • Back-lit screen for nighttime vision


  • Towing reduces a certain amount of power
  • Requires safe handling

TS Performance 1180403 Easy Installation Diesel Performance Horsepower

For achieving a smoother ride, installing a performance chip from TS will improve the acceleration. Further, it also enables the engine to consume less fuel which will be evident will fewer refills.

As a result, it gives a satisfactory performance while driving or riding. Since it is usually compatible with Ford 7.3 Powerstroke, installing it is not complicated. 

Better Throttle Response

After installation of the chip, there is a comparatively higher output of the combustion engine. If your engine took a longer time to initiate, it would have a faster process after installing the programmer. Hence, while driving it responds quickly when there is a change in acceleration. 

Ability to Tow

Along with the improvement in torque, it also allows towing without any extra effort. Hence, it allows for continuing the reliability that the vehicle had after the purchase date. TS-chip restores the reputation of the vehicle and its ability to tow while making lifestyle easier. 

More Control

Although the performance enhances, it also brings in more stability for the car. With more control over the gear and engine, driving on a difficult path is easier. It also helps in smooth and accelerated driving while on a highway. However, ensure to control the speed limit to avoid accidents. 


  • Easy installation without time wastage
  • Secured packaging to avoid damages
  • Long and strong cord
  • Well-constructed chip with pre-programs


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Initial pick-up may be difficult

Innovative Performance Chip Easy Installation Super Duty 7.3L PowerStroke

Since the 7.3 Power stroke controls the vehicle with electronic mode, it is solely responsible for its functioning. Along with adjusting the basic time, it also adjusts the fuel ratio with air. However, if these settings do not match your preference, you may consider adding the INNOVATIVE Performance Chips.

Its highly programmed nature aligns with the pre-programmed functioning of the vehicle. Further, it allows other settings and helps in utilizing the maximum potential of the car. 

Competitive Fuel Consumption

With the rise in fuel prices and being a non-renewable resource, we must try to use it as minimum fuel. Since most vehicles consume more fuel than required, a performance chip will enhance the ability to use less fuel for more distance traveled. 

Reduction in Emitting Gases

With more control over the vehicle’s functioning, especially its acceleration, fuel consumption is low. Therefore, less fuel usage leads to fewer emissions which results in reduced pollution. 

Higher Efficiency

Since the engine now functions with higher efficiency, the combustion process proceeds completely. Thus, reduced wastage indicates the vehicle can make an optimal balance of the required air-fuel ratio. It prevents losing excess energy by not using excess air. 


  • Improves fuel mileage
  • Compatible with manual transmissions also
  • Affordable and satisfactory results
  • Improved customer service


  • Installation is tricky
  • No detailed instruction manual

ThePartsKing PHP Hydra Compatible with 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel

If you are searching for a more specific tuner for your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke, This is the right one. Along with improving the throttle response, it also improves engine efficiency. As a result, you can trust the engine for long-lasting performance without any repair or damage.

However, it is better to ask for servicing from your desired garage once in a while to check the basic specifications. 

Reduces Dependency

There is no need to depend on your local store to change the specifications of acceleration or speed. With the installation of this chip, you can easily change the settings while driving. Hence, this will give a durable performance and does not require frequent changes.

The car runs like never before, and there is a feeling like a brand-new vehicle once you adjust it with the present programming. 

Small and Compact

Due to its compact size, and attractive look, it gives an enhancement of the overall look. The chip only requires to attach in the port, in most cases, the OBD2 port. If you are aware of the installation and setting procedure, the fitting will not require much time.

However, if you are not sure, it is better to seek professional help to avoid damage. 


Since the chip is domestically manufactured, it is reliable and does not dishearten with its usage. The initial adjustment may require some time, but once it aligns with the vehicle’s system, you will enjoy it to the fullest. 


  • Display screen available
  • Sticker included with the chip
  • Chip easily fits in the gauge pod
  • Easy installation procedure


  • The display is not very distinct
  • Requires tuning with PCM code

TS Performance 1180404 Cab Adjustable Diesel Performance Horsepower

Last but not least, this is another performance enhancer from TS which has made its way to this list due to its quality and efficiency. The best part of this chip is that the cord is quite long and enables it to fit the chip conveniently.

Since it is adjustable during driving, keeping it near the driver’s seat will not cause any inconvenience to other passengers. 


It is better to ask for a bit of advice from someone who has an idea of installing a performance chip. Since Ford 7.3 Powerstroke has an electronic system, along with installation, you will also need to adjust the settings.

However, detailed instruction is already available at the time of purchase. But you can always look over the internet for a detailed installing procedure. 

Operational Efficiency

The one driving the vehicle easily feels the difference between the changes in the driving quality. Apart from increasing the torque and horsepower, it also keeps a check on fuel consumption. Hence, a lot of savings will take place in terms of fuel purchases. 


There is nothing to worry about the quality of the chip. TS being a quality brand ensures reliability without the need for frequent changes. Further, the soldering in the chip is strong enough to withstand minor impacts. 


  • The impressive performance of the engine
  • Complete fuel combustion
  • Reduction in emissions
  • Better riding experience


  • Requires tuning with the ECM
  • Professional help is advisable
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Buying Considerations for the Best Chip for 7.3 Powerstroke

As you can see while going through the above list, there are quite a few brands to choose from while purchasing the best tuner for 7.3 Powerstroke. But this can also lead to confusion while deciding which is best suitable for you. Below mentioned are some of the essential aspects that you may consider during the purchasing process. 


Pricing is one of the fundamental factors that requires utmost attention while purchasing a chip. Although there are many sellers who provide competent chips for vehicles, they also vary in their price range.

But we advise you to pre-determine a budget as it will help you sort out the ones which exceed the range. Further, there are options for availing of the various deals that different sellers offer from time to time. 


While choosing the performance tuner, ensure to check the chip’s adaptability with the vehicle. Some also require pre-settings with the Ford, while others do not. It is better to clarify the model of the vehicle and its compatibility with the chip chosen. 


Although installing a performance tuner is not very complicated; an easy installing procedure is preferable to most. You can always seek professional help, but those with easy adjusting techniques make the process quicker.

However, most of the chips accompany a detailed instructional booklet with it for the user’s convenience. Further, you can always check the procedure over the internet. But correct installation is a must before you set to drive. 

chip for 7 3 powerstroke


A lot of people look for an affordable range of performance chips. But it is better to choose brand value over price. A well-known brand with high reviews will give you updated results and prevent the waste of your hard-earned money. Further, a quality chip will not let the effort and time go in vain.

It will also prevent damage to the vehicle or the engine. A quality brand will ensure long-lasting performance and save frequent maintenance costs. 


An efficient chip will improve the overall performance of the vehicle after hassle-free information. Some chips may take time to adjust the vehicle’s settings initially but will align later by themselves. Along with improving the horsepower and torque, it will also raise the throttle response.

The engine must ignite faster than before. Most importantly, it will improve the fuel economy by the complete combustion of the fuel. 


As per your convenience, choose a chip either that fits directly into the port or a digital one. Some brands offer the chip in a sturdy case with a small LCD screen and setting buttons. This helps to adjust the specifications while driving. 


While choosing the best chip for the 7.3 Powerstroke, look out for the safety standards that it provides. Select the one which has undergone a safety check before packaging and is safe to install. Lack of safety standards may cause severe accidents amidst driving, especially while accelerating. 

Final Words

As we near the end of the review, it is hopeful that it provides you with all the necessary performance or tuning chip details. The device is quite small and negligible in size but is quite efficient in operation. Installing the chip properly will surely improve the driving experience.

The riders, too, will feel the change without any special modification. You can also save a lot of cost on the purchase of fuel as chips tend to use only the required amount of it. By enhancing the horsepower, the effort while accelerating reduces to a great extent. 

Next time you plan to invest in the modification of your Ford, remember to follow this review. A performance chip will improve vehicle efficiency within an affordable range. The engine will last longer and perform its function with more effectiveness.

There will be a feeling of a new car after its installation, just like you felt after its purchase in the first place. Hence, choosing the best chip for 7.3 Powerstroke will be an intelligent buy if you are looking for an upgrade.

However, remember to follow the safety procedures and perfect tuning before driving in a busy place to avoid accidents. Happy upgrading!!!

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