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Top 10 Best Cylinder Heads for Ford 302 Review 

Those who want to buy the best cylinder heads for ford 302 must know what features to look for so that they get the best one in the market. A cylinder head is usually situated on an engine block’s top.

Such an element fills in as a house for segments, for example, the valves (both intakes and exhaust), the combustion chamber, lifters, and springs. The cylinder head has passages that permit air and fuel to flow inside the cylinder while enabling the exhaust gases to flow out of it.

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The Best Cylinder Heads for Ford 302 Review 

Usually, these passages are referred to as tracts or ports. The head also helps channel the coolant into the bock, thus allowing the engine parts to cool. Such a machine part utilizes a gasket that helps keep water or oil from spilling into the chambers (combustion).

Let’s now take a brief look into some of the best cylindrical heads available in the market:

DK Engine 6.0 Ford Powerstroke Diesel with 2 x New Improved

Are you looking for the ideal cylindrical head that is perfect for your engine? Do you want one such product that keeps your engine long-lasting?

If the answer is yes, don’t look beyond the new improved 6.0 Ford Powerstroke Diesel loaded Cylinder Head.

Improved Head Pair

A significant advantage that one gets from this part is the improved or redesigned head, which helps in the air’s free-flowing, thereby keeping the engine cool.

Therefore, buying the new, improved 6.0 Powerstroke Cylindrical head is a perfect option for any vehicle owner.


Because of its efficient cooling feature, such a cylindrical valve ensures that an engine has a longer service life. As it enables free airflow of air into the engine, a vehicle will always offer enhanced performance for a long time because of its longevity.

New Accessories

One other advantage this Powerstroke cylindrical head has is that it comes with all upgraded accessories.

In this head, one can get newly upgraded springs, valves, locks, and retainers, which will help improve the engine performance and offer a user a superior driving experience.

Easy to Install

Such a head is easy to install if one has some basic knowledge about installing a few vehicle parts. Since this is a DIY job, there is no need for any mechanic to install the same.

This way, one can save a lot on installation expenses.

Customer Service

Although one can install them on their own, there might be times when issues might arise regarding the product. Such a brand is renowned for offering high-quality customer service with quick resolution.

Therefore, one can get all-around assistance with the product, which is an added advantage.


  • Improve head pair
  • Longer service life
  • Upgraded and new parts
  • Installation is easy
  • Excellent customer service


  • Might have a few sealers in the injector cup
  • Might have casting issues

Edelbrock 5089 Hydraulic Head Flat Tappet

Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head
  • Complete Pair For Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • 64cc Combustion Chamber Volume
  • 2. 02cc Intake/60cc Exhaust Runner Volume
  • 2. 02 in. Intake/1. 6 in. Exhaust Valve Diameter
  • 0. 562 in. Deck Thickness

As far as the ideal performance head for a vehicle is concerned, the Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head is next to none.

Such a head has specifications that can bring the best out of an engine and help deliver the ideal vehicle performance that a user desires. Let’s take a look at what it brings to the table.

High-quality Metal

Such a head is made using heat-treated A356 aluminum castings, which guarantees its quality and strength. Therefore, this head is quite a strong product as far as its making is concerned, and hence they are one of the most trusted brands for Ford 302 trucks.

Combustion Chamber Design

Because of its modern combustion chamber design, the head can deliver an improved combustion process. Such a head has large ports compared to the normal ones, which means they can intake more air to the engine (and the same applies to the exhaust).

Therefore, with more cold air passing through the engine, it can deliver optimum performance for quite a long time.

Enhanced Efficiency

With an Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head, an engine’s efficiency is improved. Because it brings an efficient combustion process into the table, therefore, now the engine can deliver more torque, horsepower, etc.

Besides, one can also get quite an improved mileage. With so many features, this head is undoubtedly a top product for the ford truck.

Other Features

All the Edelbrock Cylinder Heads consist of valve guides (manganese bronze); they also come with interlocking valve seats (powder metal) and one-piece valves made with stainless steel hardened tips.

Therefore, all these features help the cylindrical head to deliver a deadly performance for a Ford engine. Moreover, this cylindrical head is durable and long-lasting, which is why they are a very popular brand.


  • High-quality metal
  • Has efficient combustion chamber design
  • Larger ports
  • Stainless steel hardened tips
  • Interlocking seats


  • It can be complicated to use

Flotek 203505 High-Quality Aluminum Cylinder Head

As one of the top brands in the market of cylindrical heads, the Flotek 203505 is known to deliver top-quality performance for the engine, which makes it a premium quality product.

People owning Ford trucks must contemplate having such a head for their engine’s longer service life.

High-quality Design

Such a head is built to deliver an efficient combustion process, which is why there is smooth airflow inside the engine, and it can always deliver optimum performance.

Therefore, this quality makes this head a trusted brand in the market.


Because of its making, such a head is expected to run longer, thereby assuring the engine longer service life.

Hence, irrespective of the number of miles a user is driving in their ford truck, such a head will guarantee that the engine continues to deliver optimum performance for a long time.


Such heads have large enough ports for both intake and exhaust, which guarantees an efficient combustion process. These heads come with a 180cc intake runner and a 62cc exhaust runner, which is why there is no hindrance to airflow in the engine.

A Flotek 203505 is ideal for off-road applications and streets where one would prefer having a good low in power.

Performance Springs

With this head, one can get hi-performance springs useful on the roller cams (hydraulic) having lift up to .550 inches. Besides, they also have five-angle valve jobs, which aren’t available in other cylindrical heads available in the market.

Other Specifications

Alongside this, some other features of this valve include positive seals, hardened retainers and locks, exhaust seats for high temperature, steel spring cups, intake guides (manganese bronze) and exhaust guides (phosphor bronzed), etc.

With all these features, this head is worth considering for a Ford 302 if one wants to have a supreme performance.


  • Quality design
  • Larger ports
  • Performance springs.
  • Bronze-made intake and exhaust guides


  • Valve tips need rigorous cleaning

Edelbrock 60069 Excellent Flow Performer Cylinder Head

As the brand name suggests, the Edelbrock 60069 Performer is a top product in the market as far as the cylindrical heads are concerned. With such a machine, one can have guaranteed improved performance for their engine for a long time to come.


For any user buying a head, the first thing to look for is the durability factor. Here is where the head scores quite well. Such a part comes with exhaust manifold holes and rocker studs which guarantees their durability.

Because of these features, such a head can run for a long time, which also guarantees a longer service life for an engine.


The head can guarantee a highly-efficient performance like greater horsepower and enhanced throttle response because of its design. Therefore, whenever and wherever a user drives, they are bound to get a supreme driving experience.

Other Features

A few other features that one can get in this head include bronze-made valve guides, hardened seats, and valve cover rails (fully machined) for an improved and consistent gasket seal.

Such features enable the head to deliver improved power and hence better performance.

Efficient Combustion

Combustion is a crucial aspect for an engine to perform to its full potential. The Edelbrock 60069 Performer is built in a way that it allows for an ideal combustion process.

Therefore, the longevity of an engine increases, and it can perform at a top level.

Easy to Install

Such a head comes with necessary accessories, which makes it easy to install them. There is no need for a user to worry about calling a mechanic, as following the guide that comes with the head will make the installation process easy.

Also, one can save their installation expenses.


  • Durable
  • Efficient performance
  • Hardened seats
  • Fully machined valve cover rails
  • Bronze valve guides


  • Not good port finishing

Speedmaster PCE281.2049 Premium Quality Ford SB Cylinder Head

Since this is a list of the best cylinder heads for ford 302, the Speedmaster PCE281.2049 Ford SB is a machine part that can’t be ignored.

Over the years, this head is reputed for delivering upgraded performance, and numerous users of ford trucks have high regard for it.


One significant advantage of this head is that it has a smooth body finish. Because of its aluminum finishing, the product is quite durable and helps deliver efficient performance for the Ford engine.


Such a head is famous in the market as it delivers maximum horsepower and full-throttle response. Therefore, one can have more power delivered to the engine and perform better over the long run.


Longevity does make a difference when choosing a highly upgraded cylindrical head. One needs to go through rough areas; hence, one would need to have a long-lasting engine.

With the Speedmaster PCE281.2049 Ford SB, this is guaranteed because it allows smooth airflow into the engine due to an efficient combustion process that increases an engine’s service life.

Upgraded Parts

With this head, one can get different parts. All these are available in a lot of configurations. A few of them include hardened seats, bronze-made valve guides, and an advanced port with a valve seat design.

The advanced ports help in the effective combustion process as they are large enough for efficient intake and exhaust. Having all these features ensure an engine delivers upgraded performance.

Easy Installation

Installing these parts in a vehicle is easy as they come with preloaded accessories. One can follow the installation process and get the job done.

Hence, there is no need to waste money on a mechanic or buying additional parts for installation.


  • Aluminum Finishing
  • Long service life
  • bronze-made valve guides
  • hardened seats


  • No guide plates or rocker’s arms included

Small-Block 2.02″ Complete Pair Ford E-Street Cylinder Heads

Small-Block Ford E-Street Cylinder Heads 2.02"
  • Complete Pair
  • 60cc Combustion Chamber Volume
  • 170cc Intake/60cc Exhaust Runner Volume
  • 2. 02 in. Intake/1. 6 in. Exhaust Valve Diameter
  • 0. 625 in. Deck Thickness

Another classical Edelbrock model, this cylindrical head is just the perfect match for any Ford 302 engine.

No question can be raised about the product’s performance as it can guarantee that the vehicle engine runs at an optimum level, ensuring a user gets supreme vehicle performance.

Supreme Design

The head can allow an efficient combustion process because of its design, which is critical for any engine’s longevity. Such a head comes with larger ports, ensuring it can intake more air than other ports and exhaust as necessary.

Therefore, with this efficient airflow process, an engine is cooled better and can run longer without any trouble whatsoever.

Longer Service Life

As already mentioned, the engine cools better, which helps it to run longer. Hence, it’s evident that it will have a longer service life. People owning Ford trucks who don’t want an engine complaint must think of having this Small-Block Ford E-Street model.

Performance Springs

In this unit, one can get performance springs which are ideal on roller hydraulic cams which have a lift of about 5.50 inches. Other than this, there are also five-angle valve jobs, and these products are not available in other heads found in the vehicle accessories market.

Thus, one can get a lot out of this machine part.

Upgraded Parts

A few other material parts available in this device include hardened seats, bronze valve guide, and fully machined valve cover rails that enable the head to deliver a top-notch output to the Ford engine.

No matter which surface a user is driving at, such a valve safeguards the engine for a long time.

Easy to Install

One will get an installation guide with this machine part and follow the installation process independently if one want. Doing so will help them save their installation expenses as they won’t need to hire a mechanic.


  • High-quality design
  • Performance springs
  • Hydraulic cams
  • Hardened seats


  • Port finishing is not up to the mark

Xotic Performance 6.0L Ultra Strength Head Stud Replacement Kit

6.0L Head Stud Replacement Kit for 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Cylinder - Xotic Performance™ CP874
  • DIRECT FIT REPLACEMENT - Fits various 6.0 Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines. Engineered to unleash more performance out of your vehicle. Please see vehicle compatibilities tab above to ensure accurate fitment.
  • ULTRA STRENGTH - XOTIC 7200 material properties allow for far greater tensile strength compared to 8740 chromoly steel head studs. Rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength. Threads rolled after heat treatment for optimum fatigue strength. Ample clamping strength prevents cylinder heads from lifting.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Broached stud ends install & make cylinder head removal easier. Installation manual is included with drawn diagrams to ease the installation process. Head studs are designed to retain cylinder seal even with today's extreme high pressure turbo systems. These studs far exceed clamping forces provided by standard Ford head bolts.
  • REDUCED HEAD GASKET FAILURE: By replacing the factory head bolts with high-quality head studs, the risk of head gasket failure is significantly reduced, especially in high-performance or boosted applications.
  • KIT INCLUDES - 20x Heads Studs, 20x Nuts, 20x Hardened Parallel Washers, 1x Fastener Assembly Lubricant & Instructions Manual. Black oxide finish protects from wear and tear. Hardened parallel washers allow for uniform load distribution and accurate torque readings.

With the 6.0L Head Stud Replacement Kit, ensure the engine delivers an optimum performance like never before. Such a unit has all needed to guarantee that the engine gets the longevity vital for the Ford truck.

Thus, one must consider this unit for an upgraded driving experience.

Ideal Fitting

Such a unit is good to go with all Ford Powerstroke models, namely F-250, 350, 450, 550, etc. They are built for unleashing a supreme performance out of a vehicle. Also, their built ensures they can allow ideal concentricity.

However, it is recommended that one checks the vehicle’s make and model to make sure that they are buying the perfect product.

Maximum Strength

Another feature of this unit is the XOTIC 7200 material which guarantees more strength (tensile), unlike the head studs made of chrome steel. With this unit, one can get optimum fatigue strength because the threads are rolled after heat treatment.

Besides, the clamp heads don’t lift because of ample clamping strength. All-in-all, this one is quite a strong product for a ford engine.

Easy to Install

Such a unit comes with broad stud ends, making it easy to install and remove the cylindrical head when necessary. Besides, one will also get an installation manual when they buy it, which has an installation diagram to make the process easier.

Such head studs are manufactured to retain the cylindrical heads’ seal even if there is extreme pressure that is available in today’s turbo systems. Such studs go far beyond the clamping forces that normally the standard Ford head bolts offer.


One will get different accessories with this unit, such as heads, nuts, hardened parallel washers, fastener assembly lubricant, etc. Besides, the finishing of black oxide ensures it doesn’t wear easily.

Also, the hardened parallel washers enable to the distribution of the load uniformly and deliver accurate torque readings.


  • Best fitting
  • Maximum strength
  • Installation is easy


  • Can have issues with stud threads
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Crucial Facts for the Best 302 Heads

When a user has decided to buy the best cylinder heads for ford 302, there are a few things they need to consider so that they get the best product in the market.

However, before that, let’s know a little more about the cylindrical head. The cylinder head is quite possibly the essential part of a vehicle’s mechanics. Without it, a gas-powered vehicle won’t run.

Such a head and its gasket are situated on the top of the engine block over the vehicle cylinders. Such a head safeguards the engine components and builds an appropriate vacuum to run properly.

Along with the camshaft, exhaust systems, and induction, the cylindrical head runs to allow the air, fuel, and exhaust to process accordingly to generate appropriate horsepower in the vehicle.

Look out for leakages, cracks, or any other damages in a cylindrical head as it can lead to the engine being damaged severely. The right size, shape, and quality.

As well as, the usage of a cylinder head can significantly affect the running of a vehicle and can assist in avoiding an engine repair that can prove to be quite costly. Here is what to consider while buying a cylindrical head:


One must choose only the heads designed for a vehicle’s specific model, make, year, engine size, and other engine enhancements (for instance, supercharger, turbo, and so forth).

Right Metal

Considering the metal for the head, such as aluminum or cast iron, is the key. Choose a metal that is compatible with the engine block’s metal as the metals expand and contract at different proportions.

Keep in mind, if the cylindrical heads mismatch, then they may break.

cylinder heads for ford 302

Right Equipment

Choosing a head with the appropriate equipment is also a vital thing to consider. One should always pick the right hardware, for instance, bolts, for the engine block to make sure that the heads’ fitting is accurate. Matching the bolts is essential.

Whether or not there is a crack in the head or one hasn’t picked the correct bolts for the head and engine block, it will not make any difference in how the damage occurs once the engine starts blowing.

If the bolts are fit inappropriately, it’s not going t hold the engine tightly necessary for protecting the engine.

Intake and Exhaust Port Volumes

Having bigger port volumes (intake) isn’t always ideal. Contingent upon the size of the engine and the application too, smaller ports might be perfect. Smaller ports for intake always guarantee a better performance for the street application.

It’s because they deliver crisper throttle response and low-end torque. While the bigger ones are more advantageous for bigger or high-powered engines as they enable more airflow into the engine. Therefore, one must pick an exhaust port offering decent airflow that is the right size.

They can do so by comparing with the valve size and the port (for the exhaust) volume of a specific engine.

Combustion Chamber Size and Engine Design

Choosing the appropriate combustion chamber size is vital. The reason is it elevates the compression proportion to augment an engine’s proficiency while coordinating the components of the specific machine, for instance, stroke, bore, piston shape, head gasket, and ring area, and deck clearance.


Irrespective of whether someone using a vehicle for the road or rough terrain-driving or circle track, drag, or in a race, choosing the essential application for an engine is significant in selecting the cylinder head to meet a user’s requirements best.

Airflow, valve fit, and duration can be modified to give the optimum performance to a vehicle’s specific application.

Purchase from a Legitimate Seller

Needless to say that picking a reputable and authorized store is always the best option when it comes to buying crucial vehicle parts like cylindrical heads.

cylinder heads for ford 302

Best Cylinder Heads for Ford 302- Must Known Q&A

Even though one might have a clear idea about the best 302 heads, a few questions might appear. Let’s try and find the answers for them.

Q: Why would I need a cylindrical head?

Ans: They’re critical to controlling airflow all through the cylinders and deploying fuel. A cylinder head also helps in holding the valves and injectors. They have more movable parts than some other engine parts.

Although largely ignored, the cylinder head has a vital role to play in an engine’s sound health.

Q: How do cylinder heads function?

Ans: In a combustion engine (internal), the cylinder head (also simply called the head) is mounted over the cylinders on a cylinder block’s top. Such a head mounts in the cylinder’s top and shapes the combustion chamber. A head gasket is used to seal the joint.

Q: Of what material is a cylinder head made?

Ans: Usually, either cast aluminum or cast iron is used to make cylindrical heads. Cast aluminum is more costly yet provides impressive weight-saving and disseminates heat better compared to cast iron.

Q: What is a cylinder head’s most important part?

Ans: A vital role of the cylinder head is closing the engine’s combustion chamber. A cylindrical head can do so from the top of the engine.

An engine’s upper part is referred to as the cylinder head, while the engine block is referred to as the lower part. A head is located on the engine and shuts the combustion chamber down.

cylinder heads for ford 302

Q: Are cylindrical heads useful in generating horsepower?

Ans: An appropriate cylindrical head carries several advantages. A few benefits include improved torque, better throttle response, and optimum horsepower.

All these can be delivered by choosing the correct heads for the engine.

Q: Which heads are better? Aluminum or iron?

Ans: One must keep an eye to check if an engine is overheated. An overheated engine can damage the head irrespective of whether it’s cast iron or aluminum.

Cast iron is significantly more challenging. However, fixing aluminum heads is easier. Such a metal is gentler and simpler to machine or weld.

Q: How to determine if a cylindrical head is having issues?

Ans: A faulty head will have the following symptoms:

  • Tailpipe discharging white smoke
  • Radiator and coolant reservoir producing bubbling sound.
  • Coolant losing without any reason, even if there are no leaks.
  • The oil has a milky white color.
  • Head gasket failure
  • Overheated engine.

Q: What happens if a cylindrical head fails?

Ans: In extreme cases, apart from the circumstances mentioned above, a broken or harmed cylinder head can bring about severe damage to the whole engine, and fixing those can be a very costly affair.


Thus, it’s evident that a cylindrical head is a key to an engine’s sound health. Therefore, any truck owner must check all the specifications, like make and model of the vehicle, metals, hardware, etc., before buying such a head to pick the product that fits perfectly for their engine.

However, installing the best cylinder heads for ford 302 definitely would be the right decision. Proper engine power with great modification increases the driving experience and safety.

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