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Ferryscanner: Your Ultimate Destination For Effortless Ferry Ticket Booking

Traveling by ferry can be an exciting and convenient way to explore beautiful destinations both near and far. However, booking ferry tickets can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, involving multiple companies, routes, and prices to consider. Thankfully, Ferryscanner is here to simplify the entire experience.

This article explores Ferryscanner, a powerful search and booking engine for ferry tickets, and highlights its benefits, outstanding features, and how-to-guide for booking ferry tickets.

What is Ferryscanner?


Ferryscanner is a comprehensive online platform that streamlines the ferry ticket booking process. It acts as a one-stop shop for travelers, providing them with a quick and efficient way to compare routes, prices, and ferry companies. Whether you’re planning a trip to the enchanting Greek islands or any of the 24 other countries served, Ferryscanner makes securing your ferry tickets a breeze.

Benefits of Using Ferryscanner


Time-Saving Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of using Ferryscanner is the time-saving convenience it offers. Instead of navigating multiple ferry company websites and comparing prices manually, Ferryscanner does the heavy lifting for you. With a few clicks, you can access all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Comprehensive Coverage

Ferryscanner boasts an extensive network that covers not only Greece but also 24 other countries. Whether you’re planning an island-hopping adventure or crossing international waters, Ferryscanner has you covered.

Competitive Pricing

With Ferryscanner, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deal. The platform allows you to compare prices from different ferry companies, ensuring you secure the most cost-effective option for your journey.

Detailed Information

Ferryscanner provides travelers with detailed information about ferry companies, including photos of both the interior and exterior of the ferries. This feature allows you to preview your travel experience, from cabin layouts to seating arrangements.

Loyalty Programs and Pet Policies

If you’re a frequent ferry traveler or plan to bring your furry friend along, Ferryscanner has you covered. The platform provides insights into loyalty card programs offered by various ferry companies and outlines their pet policies.

Outstanding Features of Ferryscanner


Route Comparison

Ferryscanner’s route comparison feature is a game-changer. It enables travelers to view multiple ferry routes at once, making it easy to identify the most convenient and efficient options. This feature is especially useful for travelers with flexible schedules, as it allows them to explore alternative routes to their destinations.

Booking Management

Ferryscanner goes beyond just booking your tickets; it helps you manage your booking effortlessly. Whether you need to cancel your plans or request an invoice instead of a receipt, Ferryscanner’s user-friendly interface makes these tasks a breeze.

Open Dated Tickets

Travel plans can be unpredictable, and Ferryscanner recognizes that. With the option to convert your tickets to open dated, you gain greater travel flexibility. This means that even if your initial plans change, you can use your tickets later with the same ferry company.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform’s intuitive design ensures that users of all technical backgrounds can navigate it with ease. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy individual to book your ferry tickets quickly and efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Ferryscanner



  • Time-efficient: Ferryscanner simplifies the ticket booking process, saving travelers valuable time.
  • Comprehensive coverage: The platform serves numerous destinations across 25 countries, ensuring travelers have a wide range of options.
  • Cost-effective: By comparing prices across various ferry companies, Ferryscanner helps users secure the best deals.
  • Detailed information: Travelers can preview their ferry journey with photos and cabin descriptions.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is easy to use, making it accessible to travelers of all backgrounds.


  • Limited loyalty programs information: While Ferryscanner provides details about loyalty programs, it may not include every program available, potentially limiting some travelers’ access to exclusive deals.
  • Limited pet policy information: Similarly, the platform may not cover every ferry company’s pet policies, leaving pet owners with incomplete information.

How to Book Ferry Tickets with Ferryscanner


Booking your ferry tickets with Ferryscanner is a straightforward process that ensures you secure the best deal for your journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Ferryscanner to book your tickets:

Visit the Ferryscanner Website:
Start by visiting the official Ferryscanner website (

Enter Your Travel Details:
On the homepage, you’ll find a search box where you can input your travel details. This includes your departure and arrival locations, travel dates, and the number of passengers.

Click “Search”:
Once you’ve entered your travel details, click the “Search” button to initiate the search process.

Explore the Results:
Ferryscanner will display a list of available ferry routes, along with prices and options from various ferry companies. You can filter and sort the results to find the most suitable option for your trip.

Select Your Preferred Route:
After reviewing the available options, click on the route that best fits your travel plans.

Choose Your Ferry Company:
On the route page, you’ll see a list of ferry companies offering tickets for that route. Compare prices, schedules, and additional information about each company.

Customize Your Booking:
Once you’ve selected a ferry company, customize your booking by choosing your preferred cabin type, seating arrangements, and any additional services you may need.

Review and Confirm:
Review your booking details, including the total cost, and make any necessary adjustments. When you’re satisfied with your choices, proceed to the payment page.

Secure Your Tickets:
Enter your payment information and confirm your booking. Ferryscanner will generate your ticket and send it to your email address.

Manage Your Booking:
If your plans change or you need additional services, you can easily manage your booking through Ferryscanner’s user-friendly interface. You can cancel your booking, request an invoice, or convert your tickets to open dated for added flexibility.


Ferryscanner is undoubtedly a game-changer for anyone planning to travel by ferry. With its extensive coverage, competitive pricing, and user-friendly interface, it simplifies the ferry ticket booking process and ensures travelers have a seamless experience. The platform’s outstanding features, such as route comparison and booking management, make it a top choice for ferry enthusiasts.

While there are some minor limitations in terms of loyalty programs and pet policies, Ferryscanner’s overall benefits far outweigh these drawbacks. Whether you’re embarking on a journey to the Greek islands or exploring other captivating destinations, Ferryscanner is your go-to resource for ferry ticket booking. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual searches and hello to effortless ferry travel with Ferryscanner. Book your ferry tickets today and embark on your dream voyage!

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