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Best Headers For 5 7 Hemi Ram Review: Top 10

Unable to release the exhaust gases adequately requires replacement with the best headers for 5 7 Hemi ram. Damage in Ram’s exhaust system is the primary reason for a vehicle’s inability, like a 5.7 Hemi ram, to improve its performance.

Headers with their consistent diameter assist the exhaust gases in flowing out of the cylinders and allowing fresh combustion in the engine. Any anomalies in the horsepower or acceleration of the vehicle need immediate attention, delay of which can cause misfires and other issues.

To save maximum costs, a regular check on the exhaust system is a must. Headers are also responsible for improving sound, expelling gases, reducing back pressure, etc. If your 5.7 Hemi ram requires header replacement but cannot decide on the appropriate one, you are reading the right article.

Below are some of the best headers for the 5.7 Dodge Ram, along with its essential features. Besides, each of them has pros and cons to give you a clear idea of its essential characteristics and functionality.

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The 10 Best Headers For 5.7 Hemi Ram Review

However, if you cannot decide on the perfect one, there is a section on buying considerations. It will help in considering the necessary features to look for while buying a header.

For further clarification, some frequently asked questions, and their answers follow. Without adjourning further, let’s take a look at the best headers.

BBK 40140 Aircraft Quality Construction 1-5/8″ Silver Exhaust Header

Replacing headers is a perfect quick fix for improving the efficiency of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Although the primary material is stainless steel, it has a polished silver ceramic finish for maximum durability.

A gasket accompanies the package and can be directly bolted on without much fuss during the installment. Since this unit is from BBK, you can rely on its performance. Moreover, it also claims to improve the flow of gases by a considerable amount.

The presence of mandrel tube bending supports better support the tube. Thus, there is no flattening of the tube; neither does it cause any patches or folds.


Since there is a ceramic finish layer, it offers sufficient protection to the header, especially from scratches and regular dirt. Further, there are no extra effects on the solid silver finish, and the glaze remains intact.

You can expect the finish to last longer and withstand all kinds of weather. By offering better longevity to the header, it thus collectively reduces maintenance costs.

Solid Construction

Every shorty header has a robust construction, which further improves the overall performance. Further, the use of CNC mandrel bent tubing provides a steel tube inside the header.

Thus, the header is quite sturdy and supports the flow of gases with precision. Although the internal radius is small, it is devoid of any deformities.

Increased Torque

An efficient header like this one from BBK helps in allowing the engine to spin faster. By improving the horsepower, the engine’s rotation-per-minute is higher, which improves the engine’s power.


  • Includes basic installation accessories
  • Simple instruction guide
  • Strong craftsmanship for better efficiency
  • Fits perfectly in 5.7 Hemi ram


  • Installation is time-consuming

PaceSetter 70-2211 Excellent Performance Long Tube Exhaust Manifold

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A passionate driver looks to improve the exhaust system’s sound, and replacing the header is one solution. Are you too experiencing some noise issues? PaceSetter’s headers are appropriate for your 5.7 L Hemi ram, which also looks good with its sleek finish.

Besides, it is affordable and requires less maintenance. The use of quality materials is evident as it has CNC machined technology for being more precise in the process. Instead of being a short-length header, this one is full-length, made of steel, and has a black-colored finish.

Standard flange style header also bolts on directly and does not require specialized installation skills. But it is better if the user possesses some necessary skills.

Sound Enhancement

This header will assist in the process for those interested in the better sound of the vehicle for maximum thrill while driving. With a better feel of sportiness and less screeching noise, it indicates the engine is working correctly.


Since this header equips mandrel tube bending technology, it is durable and does not require frequent replacements. Secondly, if your vehicle frequently travels through rocky surfaces, steel tubes do not let it damaged. Its sturdiness and robust construction prevent an impact on internal functioning.

No Leakage

Also, there is a positive seal in the header, which avoids fuel passage through the header; the absence of it would damage the exhaustion system. Being a support to the exhaust system, the headers function well and improve the flow of gases. Thus, leading to undisrupted combustion without leakage.


  • Flanges included for connecting pipes
  • Optimal increase in power
  • Comfortable with the installation process
  • Minimal effects of corrosion


  • Challenging to install the cat-back system

JBA 6961S Stainless Steel Long Tube Exhaust Header

Vibrant Performance Vibrant (13032) 90° T304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bend Tube
  • Easy Installation
  • Tube Diameter - 1.5" O.D.
  • Centerline Radius - 1.5"
  • Leg Length A - 4"; Leg Length B - 12"
  • Tube Thickness - 0.065" (1.65mm)

One of the most effective headers for 5.7 Hemi ram is also the kit available from JBA. For your convenience, the package consists of two units and all other accessories required for installation, including compatible mid-pipes.

Since these headers have longer tubes, it enhances torque and makes it easier to control the vehicle. Besides, it is also supported if the vehicle frequently carries heavy loads.

This unit’s header material is stainless steel and has a natural finish with a standard flange style.

Better Ground Clearance

After installing these headers in your car, there will be better ground clearance than the previous one. JBA’s headers improve performance while also lifting the vehicle by a few inches.

As a result, there will be no scratching of the under-side mechanisms while moving across uneven paths. Next time you travel by a hill or steep surfaces, you can feel the difference while accelerating.

Rust Resistant

Most vehicle owners look for header replacement due to its incompetency when covered in rust. To mitigate the issue, JBA’s headers are stainless steel, which has the property of being resistant to rust.

Further, they prove to have a longer life with more extended service than those made of regular steel. Other parts and functions of the exhaust system provide better performance when the engine can release exhaust gases without any obstruction.


Although the essential accessories are available with the package, basic installation skills are necessary for the correct fitting. Further, if there is some size issue, you can easily modify them by welding. In case of self-installation seems tricky; it is better to get professional help than install it in the wrong manner.


  • Improves RPM of the vehicle
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Includes large mandrel-bent tubing
  • Includes a three-inch collector


  • It does not give a long-lasting performance

BBK 1647 1-3/4″ Full-Length High Flow Performance Exhaust Headers

Drivers often face the exhaust system’s inefficiency, especially if the headers are shorter than usual. Replacing them with full-length headers from a well-known seller like BBK will help in improving the overall power.

Further, it will prevent the gases from flowing back into other pipes. All the welded areas have precise finishing for ensuring the utmost performance and preventing the opportunity of leakage. Besides, BBK is also an American brand with self-built technology and thus has our utmost trust.

Along with an improvement in the exhaust system, it also claims to improve the sound, ideal for passionate drivers.

No Wrinkles

Usually, those with no mandrel bending tend to have wrinkles in the bent areas, which tend to break shortly. However, these headers have mandrel tubing in the interiors, which prevents such incidents.

Moreover, it also helps maintain consistency in the diameter and encourages the exhaust gas’s better flow.


The solid construction of these headers ensures long-lasting ability while being efficient in performance. Quality materials make them durable and prevent frequent replacement due to minimal damage.

Although some people find it difficult to install, basic installation skills are necessary for the perfect fit, or else there are chances of leakage.

Non-corrosive Layer

The presence of a chrome finish makes the header harder and more robust than other finishing layers. Along with preventing damage from corrosion, it increases the durability of the surface. As a result, the surface does not strain if it hits rocky surfaces while driving through hills.


  • Easy for occasional cleaning
  • Natural shine improves the overall look
  • Enhanced performance and sound
  • Robotic welding improves resistance


  • A direct bolt-on is difficult

Auto Dynasty 1-7/8 Inches Inlet Header Exhaust Manifold

For adding more power to your older 5.7 Hemi ram, replacing the present headers with Auto Dynasty’s headers will result fruitfully. A change in headers will improve the exhaust system and increase horsepower.

You can achieve better acceleration with higher power making it easier and faster to reach your destination. Being headers with longer tubes yields higher rpm and also delivers higher torque while maintaining the rpm.

Longer tubes like these reduce the exhaust gases’ possibility to return and enter other pipes and valves. Thus, Auto Dynasty headers ensure that the gases exit the system smoothly.

Efficient Expelling

Since the tubes have mandrel-bending technology, it allows the exhaust gases to leave the system effectively. The inner diameter of the tubes has a consistent round shape preventing any hindrances while the release of gases.

As a result, it gives more power to the engine and prevents fuel loss, further saving more costs.

Improves Performance

Auto Dynasty’s headers are most comfortable to install than others and give a better driving experience. Although some users complain about its fitting, you will need the necessary skills in installation and welding.

Since they quickly push the gases out of the system, the engine’s performance enhances. However, the necessary accessories accompany the header unit in the package. You don’t have to spend additionally on extra pairs. Besides, all of them are of standard quality.

Louder Exhaust

After replacement, the one factor which indicates its proper fitting is the louder sound of the exhaust. This feature is helpful for those who enjoy the thrill while driving and being a long-tube header; the sound quality is more comprehensive. A louder sound indicates a higher power of the engine.


  • Improves entry of air
  • Motor functions better after installment
  • No interference with the cylinders
  • Improves vehicle movement


  • Not bolt-on ready

TUNERBITS High-Quality Polished Stainless Performance Headers

Vibrant Performance Vibrant (13032) 90° T304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bend Tube
  • Easy Installation
  • Tube Diameter - 1.5" O.D.
  • Centerline Radius - 1.5"
  • Leg Length A - 4"; Leg Length B - 12"
  • Tube Thickness - 0.065" (1.65mm)

With standard polishing and attractive shine on the surface, these stainless headers from Tunerbits are appropriate for regular use. Although the necessary screws and bolts accompany the two units of headers, it does not require extra investment.

Since the engine can efficiently release exhaust gases, it performs for a longer duration without any screeching noise or disruptions. On the other hand, it also boosts the truck’s horsepower and torque while maintaining its air movement.

If the vehicle is not able to release fumes effectively, it will later become a dysfunctional engine. Instead of replacing the exhaust system, a change in the header with the Tunerbits products will ease the process and continue its actual functions.

Connecting Flanges

As the package also contains compatible flanges, connecting the tube with the manifold is more comfortable during installation. It is better to replace them while replacing the headers, as they undergo similar damage.

Replacing them at the right time will ensure an unobstructed flow of gases without the chance of bouncing back to other units. The flanges included here fits perfectly with the header and use quality materials for more symbolic significance.

Being steel flanges, they are free from corrosion and have low tensile strength, which prevents them from stretching or elongating.

Strong Welding

The use of both TIG and MIG welding in the header gives it a solid construction without any leakage in the surface. Besides, they also look clean and tidy without subduing their original shine. Stainless steel flanges here are easy to clean and inspect at regular intervals.


If you are an owner of a 5.7 Hemi ram, these headers are compatible with them. It does not let gases return back and instead lets them pass through smoothly. Hence, the entire exhaust system functions well and ensures longevity.


  • Direct installation in the exhaust system
  • Standard quality of materials
  • Efficient blanking plugs hold pressure
  • Internal mandrel bender prevents breakage


  • Occasionally rub against the fuel line

BBK 40090 Aircraft Quality Construction 1-3/4″ Exhaust Headers

BBK, a performance-oriented brand, is well-known for its efficient headers, which claim to enhance the exhaust system’s sound. Those looking for extra adventure but smooth driving must ensure to keep a check on their headers.

Headers are responsible for the smooth removal of gases from the system without any hindrances in the way. BBK headers are appropriate for a 5.7 Hemi ram as they increase horsepower and torque.

As a result, the driver feels the result instantly. Quality materials ensure that they will last longer and will not damage soon.

Quality Assurance

Since most people look for standard materials in the products they buy, these headers are one of them. Besides, the manufacturing takes place in the States and thus includes in-house construction. The solid material of the headers makes them sturdy, which lasts longer than other cheap ones.

Secondly, both the shorty headers have mandrel-bent tubing, which prevents wrinkles when bent. Thus, the tubing ensures a smooth pathway for the gases to move forward while expelling out of the system.


The use of robotic welding in these headers ensures that the tubes’ diameter remains consistent throughout the length. As a result, they provide more productivity than regularly constructed headers. Cleaning them is easy and thus does not require high maintenance.

Faster Acceleration

Although it may seem that there is no relation between acceleration and header functioning, it does. An efficient header like this one helps the engine enhance both horsepower and torque. As a result, acceleration also improves.

The vehicle speeds up faster than with the damaged header, which is evident after proper installation.


  • Comprises chrome-finish in headers
  • Enhances the overall look
  • Improves exhaust sound
  • Can withstand heavy-duty usage


  • Professional help required for the installation

DNA Motoring HDS-DPU03-2WD-LT Exhaust Manifold Headers

DNA MOTORING CBE-HC922-NRT Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System [Compatible with 92-00 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan]
  • 【FITMENT】Compatible with 92-00 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan
  • 【Quality Construction】Made of High Quality T-304 Stainless Steel with Computerized Mandrel-Bends for Strength and Durability
  • 【Enhance Performence】Dyno proven to instantly increases 15 - 25 horsepower / low end torque. Aggressive deep and smooth tone while ensures smooth exhaust gas flow, increase engine output and efficiency.
  • 【Long Term Durability】TIG welded CNC machine flange for resistance against pressure and corrosion.
  • 【Design】The larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-designed performance exhaust system can make stunned effect on your vehicle: lower auto exhaust back pressure and a much better sound.

Another seller that most users look up to is the header from DNA Motoring, which has the shine of being a metallic product. Its full-length structure ensures that the exhaust gases can exit the system smoothly.

The use of stainless steel in the header prevents it from damage from corrosion. Besides, they are easy to install and usually little modification if you know the respective vehicle’s size requirements.

If you are an experienced user, the installation will not be complicated. But those who are new or do not have any experience should seek professional help.

Improves Discharge

Presence of smooth internal tubes in these headers, the flow of gases remains undisturbed. Efficient flow indicates an increase in horsepower, which helps the driver accelerate the vehicle, especially while moving across rugged terrains.

As a result, the engine also functions appropriately with the complete combustion of the fuel.

Secured Connection

The inlets of both headers are well-connected with the flanges through proper welding. There is no possibility of leakage, which may let the entry of fuel. Hence these headers assist fuel efficiency while also preventing the backflow of the exhaust gases to other mechanisms.

The exhaust system performs productively with minimal wastage and thus helps the vehicle to remain consistent while in motion.

Merged Pipes

With advanced technology, four exhaust pipes merge into one with enough back pressure that supports air movement. These support better ground clearance, which results in preventing scratching or rubbing with the road surface.

By preventing friction with the brakes and the fuel line, these headers ensure better longevity and minimal damage.


  • Well-known brand’s quality materials
  • Improves power during the power stroke
  • Broader applications and better fittings
  • Improves durability and secures the system


  • Improper installation may induce leakage

JBA 1961S-2JS 1-5/8″ Primaries Silver Ceramic Exhaust Header

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JBA’s exhaust headers are one of the very few units which gained a lot of appreciation over the years due to their instant performance induction. The vehicle tends to have a better starting response while the engine to performs well, even under harsh conditions.

These headers are appropriate for those with the necessary installation skills or who have an idea of every vehicle mechanism. Damaged headers cause misfires and loss of fuel. In some cases, a defective exhaust system is a reason for higher fuel consumption than necessary.

Its design and structural form ensure an increase in power, and the silver finish of the header makes it weather and thermal-resistant.


Apart from the nuts and bolts, the package also contains flanges to secure the system’s headers. Proper installation of the flanges with the headers ensures a leak-proof connection, which later is easier to clean and maintain.

Further, in due course of time, damage in the flanges is an indication of wearing the headers. Here, the cast flange connects the headers with the pump for a regular flow of exhaust gases.

Resistant Coating

The use of silver and ceramic coating prevents the header from wearing off quickly. Apart from being resistant to heat and UV rays, this coating prevents corrosion and oxidation too. Besides, the glossy finish retains for a long time and gives a shiny look after regular wash or cleaning.

CARB Approved

JBA’s headers have certification from the California Air Resources Board, which proves that they will not reduce efficiency. The performance of the exhaust system remains intact and also controls the effect of pollution in the environment.


  • Primaries have minimal exhaust reversion
  • No scratches on the surface
  • Quality materials like industry standard
  • Fits a 2005 Dodge


  • Sealing the y-pipe is difficult

BLACKHORSE-RACING Long Tube Exhaust Manifold

Blackhorse racing performance-inducing headers are the right choice for those looking to replace the headers of their 5.7 Hemi ram. Along with the two units of headers, the package includes compatible gaskets and the accessories required for installation.

The seller recommends installing experienced users or professionals, as they can be tricky for new owners. Besides, there is no instruction manual in the package, so others’ advice is a better option. Even a minute leakage will not let the exhaust system function properly.

O2 Sensors

Both the headers have sensors for measuring the air-fuel ratio in the exhaust system. Regular analysis helps in keeping a check on emissions. Any discrepancies indicate a malfunction of the exhaust system.

Hence, it also helps review the amount of fuel that remains unburnt and the oxides of other gases that release into the air. These headers are a practical tool to reduce the effects of exhaust gases. Further, they, in a way, help in minimizing air pollution.

Interlinking Flanges

Flanges in the package connect the valves with the piping system without leaving behind any gaps for leakage. The seal between them ensures that not a small drop of oil can pass through the pipes in the exhaust system.

Shiny Finish

Although the headers remain under the vehicle, they also add their part to the overall look. The shining silver color of these headers is attractive and remains intact for a long duration. They are capable of withstanding extreme conditions and remain functional throughout.


  • Includes internal tubes for sturdiness
  • No bents or wrinkles
  • Materials as per standard quality
  • Multiple layers of polish


  • Proper fittings take time
headers for 5 7 hemi ram

Buying Facts for the Best Headers For 5.7 Hemi Ram

Headers, thus, often overlooked, are quite an essential part of vehicle maintenance and functioning. Damaged headers or those with minute leaks prove to be the reason for misfires, reduced throttle response, etc.

Different sellers and manufacturing companies produce different types of headers. Each of them has distinctive features to provide their customers. Although the primary function of headers remains the same, the technique of completing follows various modernizations.

We hope the above products will enlighten you about the various features to look for while buying the best headers for the 5.7 Hemi ram. Those who find such a wide variety of headers overwhelming can consider the following points during the purchasing process.

Selecting the perfect fitting header for your vehicle is a challenging task. Thus, below is a compilation of some fundamental factors that you can look into to ease the process. 


The price of any product is the first factor that every purchaser looks into while buying. Different types of exhaust headers from various sellers have different price ranges. Depending on your needs, requirements, and affordability, you can choose the one that suits you.

However, it is always better to pre-decide on a budget before starting the purchasing process. This will help in segregating the expensive ones from the cheaper ones. Hence, making it easier for you to stay within the budget.

Yet, we also suggest you also consider the quality of the headers, as the cheaper ones will have some disadvantages in the materials used in them. A frequent replacement will further incur more costs.

Perfect Size

While choosing an appropriate header for the Hemi ram, ensure that the primaries’ diameter is compatible with the diameter of the exhaust pipes. Not always a more significant size is the best choice.

If your vehicle is a heavy-duty usage one, a smaller diameter of primaries will better enhance the flow of exhaust gases. Those who use the vehicle moderately can choose the larger diameter headers as they will have an average velocity of flowing gases.

Likewise, also ensure that the chosen header is compatible with your vehicle size and model. If there are any modifications previously done, you will also want to measure the perfect size instead of buying the wrong one. In case there are minute changes, you can always seek professional help for further modifications.

headers for 5 7 hemi ram

Types & Variation

Exhaust headers are basically of two types, full-length, and shorter ones. Short-length headers are also called shorty. However, average-length headers are also gaining popularity in recent times.

Full-length headers: Here, four primaries merge into one long tube to collect the exhaust gases. They help in enhancing the power of the vehicle by increasing the rpm. The longer the pipe, the less the chance of exiting gases bouncing back to adjacent pipes.

Since they elongate to a long distance, the flow of gases is smoother. As a result, this helps improve the intake of oxygen and further increases the vehicle’s horsepower.

 Shorty headers: As per appearance, shorty headers are compact and help the system improve the torque. An increase in torque will also improve the accelerating ability of the Hemi ram. Thus, these are appropriate for those who look for adventure. Besides, they are comparatively louder than full-length headers.

 Mid-length headers: The primary difference in mid-length headers is that here the length of primaries is shorter. However, they are appropriate for vehicles that have a lower height.


Choose the material of the header wisely. Ensure that these follow the industry standard during their manufacture. Depending on the usage of the vehicle, the material should either be steel or stainless steel. Although regular steel headers are cheaper, stainless steel offers more durability.

Stainless steel headers ensure longevity and are also resistant to corrosion. They can also withstand extreme conditions and remain functional for a long time. Secondly, there is also an option to choose a header that has mandrel tube bending in them.

Usage of this technology in headers helps maintain the consistency of the primary throughout the tube. This consistency induces uniform to follow exhaust gases through the pipes, which later improves the vehicle’s horsepower.


While choosing the best header for 5.7 Hemi ram, the materials should be safe for usage under challenging conditions. Installation of the header should not rub against brakes or fuel lines. Regular rubbing will affect them and cause misfires or sudden stops, resulting in life-threatening accidents.

Further, the headers should also provide essential ground clearance to remain untouched to the road surface while in motion.

headers for 5 7 hemi ram


Once you decide on an appropriate exhaust header, also check its versatility. A solid polish and shiny finish on its surface will enhance its look after installation. You can choose from different polish types ranging from silver, chrome, black, stainless steel, etc.

In terms of installation, it is better to choose which is easier to fix if you are aware of the essential know-how. If not, we suggest seeking professional help, as minute imperfections will not serve the principal purpose.

Also, ensure there are accompanying accessories with the central units because it will save further costs if purchased separately. If you are an adventurous, passionate, and thrill-loving driver, you can also look for sound-enhancing features in the headers.

Even though quality headers do not require much maintenance, keeping a regular check-in will ensure their functioning and damages, if any. Headers with compatible flanges are easy to bolt on and provide enough security to prevent any leakage.

A positive seal in the headers will ensure that not a small amount of fuel can pass through it. These are the fundamental factors that you must look out for in exhaust headers to achieve their full potential while driving.

Now, let’s answer some questions that readers and users usually ask during header selection and purchase. Hopefully, these will further clear the remaining doubts.

Crucial Q&A for the Best Headers For 5.7 Hemi Ram

Q: Are headers replacement necessary?

Ans: Headers form an essential part of the exhaust system. Any damage in them will disrupt the regular flow of exhaust gases. If these gases flow back to the pipe or other adjacent systems, there are major dysfunction issues.

A damaged header reduces the vehicle’s overall performance and reduces the rate of flow of exhaust gases. Once the exhaust system starts malfunctioning, the entire engine will halt its operation, which will incur more costs.

Thus, it is better to regularly keep an eye on the headers’ working conditions and prevent further damage. Replacing headers is much more affordable than replacing the entire exhaust system. 

Q: How to install headers?

Ans: Once you are ready with the accessories and the headers, ensure to cut off all the batteries and unplug all the sensors. Then, you must altogether remove the mid-pipe from the manifold. This will lead you to the portion where you can now install the new header by replacing the older ones.

If there is any difficulty accessing the entire area, feel free to remove all the attached accessories. However, ensure to place them back in a similar way. Installing headers is not a complicated task if you are aware of the necessary skills for installing vehicle parts.

If not, seek professional help for perfect fitting without disrupting or damaging adjacent parts.

headers for 5 7 hemi ram

Q: Is it necessary to remove the engine while installing headers?

Ans: No, there is no requirement of removing the engine while installing headers.

Q: What are the advantages of featuring mandrel-bent tubing in headers?

Ans: Mandrel tube bending is the process where a steel rod insertion ensures that there will be consistency in the diameter of the tube. Uniformity in diameter will support the smooth flow of gases from the exhaust to the outer environment.

There will be no bents, wrinkles, or any other deformities in the header’s outer surface. Headers with this technology improve the horsepower of the vehicle, which further indicates better torque and acceleration.

Q: Do all headers have direct bolt-on ability?

Ans: No, not all headers have the possibility of a direct bolt-on. Those with required accessories included in the package, like valves, nuts, bolts, flanges, etc., are capable. Instead, some require further modifications based on the size and features of the header.

Q: Do headers improve horsepower?

Ans: Quality headers ensure that there is a smooth flow of exhaust gases out of the system’s cylinders. Since it becomes easier for the engine to expel gases through them, it functions efficiently without any obstructions.

As a result, better performance implies more horsepower and optimal flow of fuel. The amount of fuel entering the system also burns completely and prevents fuel loss. Hence, you achieve better mileage with increased horsepower, with just a quality replaced header.

Q: What is the importance of a solid finish on the header’s surface?

Ans: Since headers remain exposed to the external environment, it is essential to use a compatible finish on their surface. A silver finish looks more attractive and shiny than a chrome finish. But both of them are resistant to corrosion and can resist damage from external conditions.

Headers without any outer finish look dull, degrade the vehicle’s look, and incur leaks sooner with usage.

headers for 5 7 hemi ram

Q: Is it necessary to use header wraps?

Ans: Header wraps help in allowing heat to enter the header. Heat tends to keep the pipes warm, which induces a better flow of exhaust gases. If you feel that the headers cannot perform effectively, use a wrap before replacing them. It will save a lot of costs.

Secondly, if the vehicle resides and travels to colder regions frequently, a wrapped header will help movement and airflow. It will also help in maintaining optimal horsepower and torque. However, those with multiple layers of finish will not require header wraps.

Q: Does an efficient header also improve the sound?

Ans: Yes, a quality header also improves the vehicle’s sound for those interested in adding some extra thrill to driving. The louder sound of the header indicates a better flow of exhaust and an improvement in power.

Secondly, the decrease in sound indicates there are restrictions in exhaust flow and requires immediate attention.

Final Verdict

As we approach the end of the review, we hope we could help you clear all possible doubts about headers and their features. Since it is now evident that they are an integral part of the exhaust system, keep a check on their functioning. Any discrepancies like lowering sound, bad smell, or decrease in horsepower indicate restrictions in the header.

If cleaning does not help, replacing them with the best headers for 5.7 Hemi ram is the best option. Since there are many varieties, ensure to choose the one that suits most needs. We recommend you seek professional help for installation, instead of doing it by yourself. A 5.7 Hemi ram has the potential to fulfil a lot of tasks, and an efficient header will add to its features.

Choose the one you can afford and try maintaining an essential quality for sustaining a more extended period. For a vehicle like a 5.7 Hemi ram, it is essential to use headers to enhance its qualities, sound, acceleration, etc. For enhancing its performance, a quality and standard header is a must-buy.

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