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MPV Vs SUV- What Type Of Car Is Right For Your Family?

To be fair, car buyers are not at fault when they cannot distinguish the similarities and differences between the two models mentioned above. It will be difficult for an ordinary car user to distinguish between an MPV vs SUV because they simply need to buy a car to move without having to learn too much about vehicles.

In addition, there are some automakers that have “accidentally” called their MPV models SUVs to increase the attractiveness of that model in the eyes of consumers. That continues to confuse consumers. Therefore, we need to know how to distinguish the two definitions of SUV and MPV to be able to choose the most suitable car.

What Is An MPV Car?

mpv 1

An MPV, or Multi-Purpose Vehicle, is a car that is typically designed to transport people and cargo. MPVs are larger than sedans and typically provide more space for passengers and their belongings. MPVs often have sliding doors on either side of the vehicle, which makes it easier for passengers to get in and out.

MPVs usually have a lot of interior space and can seat anywhere from 5-9 passengers. They are often used as family cars because of their large seating capacity and practical design. MPVs are also great for long road trips because of their comfortable ride and spacious interior.

What Is An SUV Car?

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A Sport Utility Vehicle, or SUV, is a vehicle designed for both on- and off-road use. SUVs typically have four-wheel drive (4WD) capability, which provides extra traction and stability in slippery or off-road conditions. SUVs are usually larger than sedans and provide more space for passengers and their belongings.

SUVs often have higher ground clearance than other types of vehicles, which can be helpful when driving on rough roads or in off-road conditions. Some SUVs also have the towing capability, which allows them to tow trailers or other types of vehicles behind them.

SUVs are typically powered by a gasoline or diesel engine, which gives them good acceleration and pulling power. Some SUVs also have electric motors, which help to improve fuel economy.

An SUV  is a car that is designed for off-road driving and has more ground clearance than a regular passenger car. SUVs also have a larger body and can seat up to 7 passengers. They are often used as family cars because of their large seating capacity and practical design. However, SUVs are not as comfortable on long road trips as MPVs because of their stiffer suspension and larger body.

Unlike sedans and MPVs, SUVs are usually four-wheel drive vehicles, which will better ensure stability and grip on slippery, difficult, and uneven terrain. Good ground clearance also makes it easier to go off-road. SUV models often use 4WD, AWD, or RWD drive systems.

SUVs are built on a truck chassis, which allows them to function like a truck but offers better comfort and passenger space. Basically, SUVs will be a combination of the dominant features of SUVs and trucks. If you need a powerful, sturdy vehicle to travel on rough terrain, an SUV is a right choice.

Uses Of Mpv Vs Suv

mpv and suv feature

With the same high ground clearance, large space, and the ability to run on difficult terrain, SUVs are often popular with families that do not have too many members. However, to make the off-road quality, the SUV has more off-road support features, such as a bridge function, a differential lock, and a part-time 4-wheel drive system, with the standard active bridge being the rear axle. 

Small MPVs (eg Xpander, Ertiga) have front-wheel drive, and medium and large cars (eg Innova, Transit) have rear-wheel drive. However, because of its large size and a 4-wheel drive system, in general, MPV cars are not really optimal when going off-road.

SUVs usually have 5-seater configurations, while MPVs come in a variety of configurations of 5 – 7 – 9 – 10 and even 16 seats. Therefore, MPVs are often purchased to serve the purpose of transport businesses or multi-generational families.

The load frame of SUVs is inherently heavy, bulky, and limited in carrying space. But the disadvantage of the monolithic chassis is that the noise and vibration from the tires echoing into the occupant compartment is more audible than the SUV. The same happens with MPV cars. However, of the two vehicles above, the MPV has the best cargo space thanks to the flexible folding of the rear seats to switch from carrying passengers to carrying goods.

Thanks to the chassis structure that helps to avoid twisting on difficult terrain, increases the load capacity, and minimizes the stability and impact of the road surface on the cabin, the SUV is better able to operate in carrying loads and pulling. off-road loading and off-roading. In fact, with the characteristics of a long body, many seats, and low ground clearance, it is difficult for an MPV to cross the terrain well.

The Difference Between MPV Vs SUV High-Rise Models

Mpv Vs Suv 1

Not everyone can distinguish which is a Crossover (CUV), SUV, or MPV when they are all high-ground cars. Here are the characteristics that help you distinguish between an MPV and an SUV.

Recently, small MPVs like Mitsubishi Xpander or Suzuki XL7 have had very good sales thanks to their versatility and attractive price. However, many car owners or even salespeople are “accidentally” calling them SUVs. For “the company’s people,” they have a reason to deliberately confuse it because the term SUV evokes liberality, personality, strength, and masculinity – properties sought by car buyers. However, the characteristics help you distinguish between an MPV and an SUV.

About the driving experience

MPV brings a practical driving feeling. However, these models’ limitation is moving on complex terrain, especially less efficiently than SUV models. This is because MPV models often have front-wheel drive, which is not suitable for off-road driving. While SUVs often use rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.


While the MPV has a unibody design, the SUV has a body-on-frame design. Due to the use of the truck’s chassis, in general, the SUV has a stronger body. In addition, this multi-purpose vehicle also has a large engine capacity, so it will burn more fuel.

Texture difference

MPVs have a unibody structure like Crossovers, while SUVs have a body-on-frame. This makes MPVs lighter than SUVs despite their similar overall dimensions. For example, Kia Carnival has a length of up to 5.1m but is lighter than Ford Everest (4.9m).

Just like comparing CUVs with SUVs, MPVs are lighter, so they only need a decent engine (up to a V6), while a lot of SUVs have large V8s. Light weight combined with small engines makes MPVs often more fuel-efficient than SUVs.

Exterior design

MPV cars usually have sliding doors on both sides (except for small MPV models such as Xpander or XL7) and have a single-compartment design with a square body and a short bonnet. The SUV has doors that open horizontally and has a 2-compartment design with a long bonnet and an engine compartment that is separate from the cabin. This makes the SUV look more masculine and powerful, although the MPV will be more convenient when getting in and out of the car with sliding doors.

Interior space

Thanks to the design that makes the most of space, the MPV has a more spacious interior than any other model. Smaller MPV models also have a much more spacious luggage compartment than SUVs of the same size. Therefore, if you want to “contain the world,” buyers should choose an MPV.

However, SUV lovers can still be assured of the MPV wave because SUVs still have their own attractions that MPVs cannot. It is the ability to conquer bad terrain with a superior 4-wheel drive system and a powerful engine. The acceleration of SUVs is also superior to MPVs.

Now that you know the difference between MPVs and SUVs, you can decide which type of vehicle is right for you. If you need a car that can transport many people and cargo, an MPV might be the best option. An SUV might be the choice if you need a car that can handle rough roads and off-road conditions.

Both MPVs and SUVs have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. MPVs are typically more expensive than SUVs but offer more space for passengers and cargo. MPVs also have better fuel economy than SUVs.

SUVs are typically less expensive than MPVs but offer less space for passengers and cargo. SUVs also have worse fuel economy than MPVs.

So, which one is right for you? It depends on your needs and budget. An MPV might be the best option if you need a lot of space for passengers and cargo. An SUV might be the better choice if you need a car that can handle rough roads and off-road conditions. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. MPV vs SUV: Which One Is Right For Your Family?

Best MPV Vs SUV Options

Mpv Vs Suv 2

SUV- Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Modern design catches all eyes: With the philosophy of “beauty comes from function,” the new 2nd generation Dynamic Shield design language offers the perfect harmony between a powerful, modern image with safety and outstanding performance.

Smarter and more comfortable: Equipped with modern facilities and Omotenashi philosophy, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will fully and completely meet your daily use needs. Elevate your lifestyle.

Modern intelligent, active safety: Equipped with new advanced utilities and Omotenashi philosophy, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will fully and completely meet your daily use needs.


Powerful Engine Of Ford Everest: Everest’s advanced 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel engine for a capacity of 213PS. And the maximum torque of 500Nm is still very fuel efficient.

Ford Everest’s smart hands-free tailgate: Simply kick your foot into the midpoint below the rear bumper with the smart key in your pocket. The sensor system will recognize and automatically open and close the luggage compartment door. Very convenient when you are full of things in both hands.

Moving Smoothly On Ford Everest: The suspension system of Ford Everest Titanium 2.0L AT 4WD has been improved. It greatly improves the stability and certainty of the vehicle. More precise steering and smoother operation on rough terrain.

FORD EVEREST Smart gadget: Enjoy the refreshing feeling while exploring the world. All details, such as high-grade leather seats. The active noise cancellation system or the panoramic sunroof are designed to be top-notch. Bring endless comfort on every journey with Ford Everest Titanium 2.0L AT 4WD

MPV-Toyota Innova

Operate- The 6-speed gearbox shifts gears smoothly and smoothly but does not reduce the powerful operation when driving.

The 1TR-FE engine is upgraded to dual VVT-i, and the compression ratio is increased while reducing operating friction. This helps the engine achieve higher power and torque while also saving fuel. The noise of the engine is also significantly reduced to help you fully enjoy family moments.

The suspension system with a double wishbone at the front and a four-link link at the rear minimizes vibration for a smooth, comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

Safe- The airbag system is enhanced with up to 7 airbags that completely protect the driver’s seat and the rear passengers in the event of a potentially dangerous collision.

The chassis with GOA structure uses stronger anti-corrosion steel, which minimizes the direct impact on the passenger compartment to ensure safety.

The BA emergency brake assist system automatically increases braking force in an emergency, helping the driver confidently handle unexpected situations.

MPV- Ford Tourneo

The appearance of the Ford Tourneo is quite square, with the front of the car having similarities with the Focus model from 2013-2014. The car has a length x width x height of 4,976 x 2,095 x 1,990 (mm) respectively, the wheelbase reaches 2,933 mm.

The car light system includes HID Projector bulb headlight LED taillight. The wheels on the car are 16 inches.

The interior compartment of the Ford Tourneo possesses much more modern utility equipment, meeting the owner’s needs on every journey. The first is a floating screen located in the middle of the dashboard with different sizes between the two versions, integrated with the new SYNC 3 system. 4-spoke hydraulic power steering wheel and color information display dashboard.

The engines equipped for the Ford Tourneo Trend and Titanium are all 2.0L EcoBoost I-4s combined with a 6-speed hydraulic automatic transmission with front-wheel drive, generating 203 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. These parameters are slightly better than the direct rival Kia Sedona.

MPV Kia Sedona

The exterior of the Kia Sedona is oriented towards fashion, design, and the use of many soft curves. The front of the car has a rather large grille with thin slats stacked on top of each other and is surrounded by a chrome decorative border. The front lighting cluster is sharp. The high-end version uses LED technology, while the standard version still uses Halogen lights.

In the lower area, the fog lamp cluster consists of 4 LEDs placed in an air cavity. The “C”-shaped chrome-plated decorative border details also add to the luxurious look of the overall look.

As a luxurious large multi-purpose MPV model with a wheelbase of 3,060 mm, the interior space of the Kia Sedona 2022 is airy and exudes a modern “value for money.” The car’s steering wheel is a 3-spoke leather-wrapped and integrated multi-function button, high-grade beige leather seats, and 2 stylish sunroofs.

The driver’s seat has a a 12-way power adjustment and an 8-way power passenger seat, and the 2nd and 3rd-row seats have wide legroom. In particular, the second row of seats is a high-class business chair, with its own armrest and a spacious aisle in the middle, enough for an adult to move from the last row up without any obstacles.


Mpv Vs Suv 3

What are the major differences between an MPV vs SUV?

SUVs typically have a more rugged look and feel and greater ground clearance, allowing them to traverse rougher terrain. They are also generally larger than MPVs and can seat more passengers. MPVs are typically more fuel-efficient and have better handling due to their smaller size.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an MPV over an SUV?

Some of the advantages of an MPV over an SUV include better fuel efficiency, easier maneuverability, and a more comfortable ride. MPVs also typically have more storage space and can seat more passengers than SUVs.

The main disadvantage of an MPV over an SUV is that they are not as well-suited for off-road driving. They also typically have less ground clearance, which can make driving in deep snow or on rough terrain more difficult.


Pros: More fuel-efficient than SUVs, often have sliding doors for easy access, typically have a more spacious interior than SUVs. 

Cons: Not as good at off-roading as SUVs, not as much cargo space as SUVs.


Pros: Better at off-roading than MPVs, more cargo space than MPVs, typically have a more powerful engine than MPVs. 

Cons: Not as fuel-efficient as MPVs, often do not have sliding doors.

What is the difference between an MPV and an SUV?

The main difference between an MPV vs SUV is that an MPV is designed for transportation while an SUV is designed more for utility. 

Which one is better for me, an MPV vs SUV?

It depends on your needs and preferences. An MPV will be a better choice if you need a vehicle primarily for transportation. However, an SUV would be a better choice if you need a vehicle for utility purposes. 

How do I know if an MPV or SUV is right for me?

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether an MPV or SUV is right for you. It depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a vehicle.

If you need a vehicle that is good for transportation, then an MPV would be a better choice. MPVs typically have more spacious interiors than SUVs and often have sliding doors, making it easy to get in and out of the car.

If you need a vehicle that is good for utility purposes, then an SUV would be a better choice. SUVs typically have more cargo space than MPVs, and often have a more powerful engine. They are also better at off-roading than MPVs.

 Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of vehicle is right for your needs. MPVs and SUVs have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to weigh your options carefully before deciding.


Overall, there are some key differences between MPV Vs SUV. While both have advantages and disadvantages, it is important to consider your needs and preferences before making a decision. 

An MPV will be the better choice if you need a vehicle primarily for transportation. However, an SUV would be the better choice if you need a vehicle for utility purposes.

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