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Rimsavers vs Rimblades – What Are the Differences?

Rim protectors are an extremely important part of any set of wheels, especially if they are integrated with alloy rims. They help to protect the rims of your wheels from external damage.

However, it should also be noted that they can only shield the rims of your alloy wheels from light damage and not from severe ones. 

Amongst rim protectors, two of the most prominent ones that come to mind are the rimblades and the rimsavers. However, a lot of people are not aware of the differences between rimsavers and rimblades.

If this sounds like you, do not worry because we have got you covered with our article today. Read on to find out!

RimSavers vs RimBlades: See the Differences

Below we will be discussing the various differences that rimsavers and rimblades have. So, without further ado, let us get to the very first difference!

Rimsavers vs Rimblades


Both products are super affordable and come in at a price of less than a hundred dollars, but when compared to rimsavers, rimblades (also known as rimblade originals) fall on the cheaper side of the cost spectrum. 

This is due to the fact that rimsavers are still pretty new to the market and because they also have more advanced features. 


The rimblades come in the form of a roll and is large enough for use on four wheels at a time. And the roll of rimblades comes packed in a medium-sized cardboard box. 

On the other hand, you will find rimsavers packaged in their designated cardboard box in the form of four blades, which are super easy to fit onto your wheels and are also very easy to clean. 

Moreover, the kit that rimblades come in includes cleaners and primers from the company itself. 

In the case of rimsavers, the same additional materials are included (that is, the primers and the cleaners), and alongside them, the company has also thrown in a packet of gel-based superglue as well as some clips for easier application of the product onto your rims. 

Even though the clips have been added to the packaging, it does not mean that you will necessarily have to use it all the time. A lot of times, customers use the clips just to add some aesthetic details to their wheels.

Other times, the clips are used when the rimsavers have not been applied flawlessly over the edges, and there are gaps at some places which you would like to close.

The purpose of the gel-based superglue is the same as the clips, and whether you want to use it or not depends solely on you. 


When we talk about the size, we mean to say what size wheels each of these products may be used on. Although rimblades are generally made for wheels that are 22 inches in size, they can still be used on wheels that are even larger. 

All you will need to do is purchase a few more rolls of the rimblades and fit them onto your wheels, and you are good to go!

Unlike the rimblades, rimsavers will fit onto vehicles with a wheel size of 24 inches or less. Unfortunately, rimsavers cannot be used on wheels bigger in size than what has been stated above due to the fact that they only come in as four individual blades. 

Rimsavers vs Rimblades


The U-shaped design of the rubberized material that the rimblades are made of helps it to fit snugly on your alloy rims. This provides it with optimum protection. And the fact that the rimblades are U-shaped helps it to fit over all kinds of edges, including square and/or raised ones. 

This extra padding on the edges of your rimblades provides you with the option to back away from an obstacle to some extent. However, do make sure that you do not keep going over an obstacle such as a curb or the side of another vehicle once you have bounced back from it. 

Doing so will bring about damage to your rimblades, and in extreme cases, you might even have to get them replaced. 

When it comes to rimsavers, the shape is more of an L paired with a guide lip at the tip of each of the blades. The presence of the guide lip makes it super easy for you to apply the rimsavers onto the rim of your wheel by attaching itself to the edge of the wheel.

Moreover, the only additional accessory that you will need for when you are done integrating the alloy rims of your wheels with the rimsaver is a pair of scissors to cut off any extra endings. 

Customer Service

Although this is not a difference between the two products, we still thought we should add this piece of information in our article because RimBladesUSA, the company that is the manufacturer of the Rimblades Original and the Rimsavers, provide all of their customers with excellent services. 

If you face any difficulties with attaching either one of the aforementioned products, or if you are discontent with how your purchased goods have turned out, all you will need to do is simply reach out to them either through email, through their own site, or even through the phone. 

RimBladesUSA takes pride in their amazing customer service, and so you will definitely get a response from them within a short while.

At first, they will try to figure out where the main problem lies with your purchase, and then they will take the necessary steps to solve the issue. 

In case you are wondering about where you might find their contact details, do be sure to visit their website, where you will find all the information you need. 


Do make sure that you follow all necessary safety precautions when attaching the rim protectors to the alloy rims of your vehicle wheels in order to prevent any chances of you or your loved ones getting in an accident or suffering from injuries. 

That was all for our article on rimsavers vs rimblades. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Thank you for reading till the end. See you next time!

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