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Best Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Review: Top 10

If you are involved in vehicle recovery or heavy lifting of objects from one place to another, choosing the best screw pin anchor shackle is necessary. Although it is a small piece of the larger equipment like the vehicles or equipment involved, it serves a major role.

Loops in these shackles hold the slings or ropes and improve the strength of the vehicle. As a result, recovery becomes easier and smooth. Apart from their usage in vehicle recovery, shackles are useful in towing and rigging applications.

screw pin anchor shackle

They also find their place in paracord bracelets or camping and hiking activities. Keeping a sturdy, durable, and quality shackle at your disposal, especially while traveling, can save a lot of effort. Choosing the best one among such different varieties is a challenging job.

The 10 Best Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Review

If you are amidst a busy schedule and do not have much time to research thoroughly, we can help you. Here is a list of some of the best screw pin anchor shackles with different uses and features.

Along with the features, there are also the respective pros and cons, which will help evaluate them better. Selecting the appropriate one as per the task will be manageable and time-saving. Without further delay, let’s get started. 

AUTO MATCH Shackles 3/4″ Super Quality D Ring Shackle with 7/8″ Screw Pin

AUTMATCH D Ring Shackle 3/4" Shackles (2 Pack) 41,887Ibs Break Strength with 7/8" Screw Pin and Shackle Isolator Washers Kit for Tow Strap Winch Off Road Vehicle Recovery Orange & Black
  • Super Quality: 3/4" D Ring Shackle Was Made of Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel and The Towing Capacity Up To 4.75 Tons (10,471 Pounds) For Superior Strength and An Industry-Standard 7/8 Inches Screw Pin To Keep It Stability
  • Fitted Suite: The Durable Rubber Shackle Isolators Work As Added Bumper Protection and Reduce The Rattling Noise When Mounted On The Vehicle. The Rubber Washers Prevent Rattles Result From The Friction Between Shackle and Anchor Point
  • Double Protection: D Shackle for Prevent Rust and Corrosion By Galvanized & Powder Coated and Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Feature: Recovery Shackle Great For ATV, UTV, Trucks, Trailers, and Sport-Utility Vehicles and For Use with Recovery Tow Straps, Snatch Blocks, Tree Savers Etc
  • Guaranteed: All of Our Products Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Please Contact Us For Any Inquiry, We Are Here To Help

Lifting heavy objects can often strain the back of a person. Depending on pieces of machinery to lift the same item is a better option. However, there are times when the load limit cannot balance and often falls off the string.

A good quality screw pin anchor shackle is a common object used by most involved in the lifting business. Shackles from Autmatch have a solid structure and do not bend while pulling heavyweights, especially in vehicles.

Since they do not require any specialized person to install, it is convenient for anyone to use. 

High Towing

Although the capacity of the towing varies in different vehicles, these shackles increase the capacity for each. While in motion, they do not make any strange noise and neither collide with the bumper.

With no damage to the vehicle, they are safe to use without the stress of any scratches or dents. Further, they are easily attachable to OEM hooks, making them compatible with both front and rear bumper. 

Rubber Mounting

Both the shackles include a rubber mounting, which gives them extra grip and is tightly placed on them. Since these rubbers have textures and small dents, they ensure that the rope or string stays in place and does not displace from the angle.

As a result, a better balance is achievable for those vehicles that often travel through rough terrains. 

No Rusting

Each of these shackles is electronically galvanized with the application of zinc covering on the inner steel material. The outer layer’s coating is a metallic powder, which gives extra protection from dust and water.

Since there are no chances of rusting, they are durable and give longer service without frequent changes. 


  • Maintains stability while towing
  • Useful in all seasons
  • Washers reduce friction 
  • Enhances vehicle’s overall appearance


  • Outer paint smudges with time

Smittybilt 13046B Powercoated Gloss Black Finish 1/2″ D-Ring Shackle

Smittybilt 13046B D-Ring Shackle 1/2" Threaded Pin 2.0 Ton Rating Black
  • 1/2 inch D-ring shackle
  • 2.0 ton pull rating
  • Powercoated Gloss Black finish – Long lasting, rugged looks with anti-rust coating
  • Threaded shaft for easy installation - can be mounted on any tow point location
  • Lab tested and certified to get you out of tough situations with dependable, heavy duty performance

If you own a heavy-duty vehicle, pin-screw shackles are essential accessories that will prove helpful while moving other vehicles or crates. The use of forged steel enables this shackle to carry the maximum load.

Since it does not cause any fractures during the pull, both the vehicle and the item being pulled remain safe. With a longer lifespan and high tensile strength, they are more useful than others with cast parts.

The smittybilt shackle has the capacity to pull around two tons of weight at a time, provided you are attaching it to a compatible vehicle. 

High Performance

Whenever used, these do not fail to perform efficiently. Apart from being heavy-duty shackles, they remain unbreakable in almost every situation. Hence, they are ideal for towing in extreme weather conditions.

With a half-an-inch measurement, they are classic black and thus do not hamper your vehicle’s looks. Secondly, their shape and size are compatible with vehicles and do not require further rubbing.

If required, you can also select a different measurement from either ¾ inches or 7/8 inches. 


All the shackles from Smittybilt have an extra coating layer, making them suitable for heavy rainfall or extreme heat. Due to their long-lasting performance, they are widely useful in jeep bumpers. However, ensure that they have ring mounts for their attachment. 

Easy Installation

Before attaching the rope to the metal loop, make sure to pin the shackle in the ring mount securely. Tightening the screw will not let the rope release while in motion. Both the bolt and the pin must engage as per the threads to ensure a firm hold. 


  • Includes zinc coating
  • Does not corrode
  • Quality materials in pin and bolt
  • Useful for off-road purposes


  • Continuous pulls form deformity

LIBERTY 3/4″ Powder Coated D Ring Shackle with 7/8” Pin

LIBERRWAY Shackles 3/4" (2 Pack) D Ring Shackle Rugged Off Road Shackles 28.5 Ton (57,000 lbs) Maximum Break Strength with 7/8'' Pin Heavy Duty D Ring for Vehicle Recovery, Orange
  • ★Universal d Ring Shackles: 3/4" d-ring shackles 4.75 Ton (9,500 Lbs),with an Industry Standard 7/8" Screw Pin. Designed to work specifically with tow strap hooks, ideal for most car accessories.
  • ★4.75 Ton Capacity: LIBERRWAY D Ring Shackles are rated at 9,500 Lbs of Towing & Recovery Capacity for pulling or towing. Excellent addition to your recovery kit. Perfect for anyone towing or hauling vehicles or trailers.
  • ★ Off-Road Versatility: Universal design and great for Jeeps, ATV, UTV, Trucks, Trailers, and sport-utility vehicles and for use with Our receiver hitch, winch snatch straps, snatch blocks, tree savers - best off road recovery accessory.
  • ★ D Rings With Isolator & Washer: heavy duty D ring are powder coated for corrosion resistance,Comes with black isolator and washer, reduce rattling noise and protect your bumper finish from damage, removable isolator can be reused to reduce shock during pulling.
  • ★Double Protection Made To Last: LIBERRWAY D Shackles are zinc plated and powder coated to allow them withstand extreme weather condition.

Many vehicle recovery experts also face issues with relocating another vehicle due to worn-out or damaged shackles. Since shackles are a connecting link between the two vehicles, poor-quality ones do not help much.

Shackles from LIBERRWAY have a 7/8 inch screw pin, which secures tightly in the ring mount without any other accessory. Although the shackle contains raw materials, the galvanization of the center layer gives it the required strength.

Further, the outer powder coating keeps it free from rust and dist. 

Large Loop

One of the added advantages of this shackle is the larger loop of the shackle than the usual ones. With the presence of a larger space, it enables using of more than one rope or belt while recovering. Thus, the recovery capacity increases with the bigger bow and, as a result, the vehicle’s full strength. 

Attractive Colors

Those interested in enhancing the appearance of the vehicles can choose colors from a varied range. LIBBERWAY offers quite a few contrasting colors of the shackle and its pin.

Colors range from orange to blue, while for pins, it is limited to red and black. Proper installation of the shackles instantly improves the look while maintaining its efficiency.


The long-lasting performance of these shackles is due to the galvanized metals at the center. Not only do they protect them from premature wearing, but it also helps in the prevention of corrosion.

With the ability to use it multiple times for vehicle recovery, they help save a lot of cost in replacements. 


  • Uses quality materials
  • Fits appropriately in the rings
  • Color does not fade easily
  • Easy to use


  • No washers attached

MarineNow US Type 316-3/8 Inch Stainless Steel Bow Shackle

Being in the business of towing or vehicle recovery requires utmost safety while in operation. Although small shackles are an essential part of this sector and selecting the appropriate one is tough.

One such option that you may look into is the one from Marine Now. Apart from being oversized than other similar shackles, they also have large bows. Hence, it is an apt choice for those involved in regular heavy-duty tasks.

Although they have a simple look, the material has its own shine and has enough capability for any kind of rigging.

Smooth Finish

Unlike others, this shackle does not have a color coating on it, but its self-shine is sufficient to add bling to the vehicle. It easily attaches to the ring mount, and the pin screws in the thread well enough to have a firm hold with its smooth finish.

It’s gentle while holding, but its solid weight ensures its efficiency. 

Fire Resistance

The presence of a body of stainless steel helps in maintaining its strength while in high or low temperatures. Apart from being resistant to fire, it is also resistant to corrosion. Hence, recovering vehicles from water bodies or mud does not damage them.

Even after continuous use, there are hardly any damages or changes in the shape of the shackle. If you are a marine worker, these shackles will work wonders.

Larger Area

MarineNow shackles have a larger bow area and offer more space for connecting more numbers of belts or ropes. Along with perfect fitting and proper functioning, this shackle is very useful for those involved in rigging or towing. 


  • Proper polish on a total area
  • Fits the front and rear bumper
  • Ideal for pulling through chains
  • Affordable and multiple sizes available


  • Chains scratch the surface

Titan Bow Easily Identifiable Copper Anchor Shackle Hot Dip Galvanized with Screw Pin

Titan 10319057, Bow Type Anchor Shackle 7/8-Inch Hot Dip Galvanized with Screw Pin, 37408 Ton WLL
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Coating on Both Shackle and Screw Pin
  • Working Load Limit, Size and Logo Stamped on Every Shackle
  • Easily Identifiable copper Colored Pin
  • Proof Tested and Load Rated
  • Exceeds Current RR-C-271 Type IV Grade A Specifications

If you want shackles for your towing or any rigging purposes or want to replace the older ones, the Titan seems promising. Because of galvanizing, both the shackle and the screw pin have higher strength and durability.

Those involved in marine activities may use it in their boats, especially while anchoring. Manufactured in Canada, they maintain the materials’ quality as per industry standards. Many different sizes are available and allow you to choose the ones as per your requirement.

Here, the screw has a coating of silver paint, while the pin is copper-colored. Making it absolutely distinguished from others. 


Although these shackles do not include a galvanized center, undergoing a hot-dip process makes it more tough and strong. Moreover, it also lasts for a long and ensures its durability.

By protecting the interior steel from rust or damage from weather, it keeps maintaining its efficiency. The screw pin, too, has the same feature and fits securely in the vehicle. 


If you have a budget constraint, this shackle is affordable and useful for emergencies. For the user’s convenience, the size of the shackle and its brand symbol is appropriately visible.

Thus, if someone has a habit of collecting different shackles sizes, searching this one will not be an issue. 


With an average tensile strength, even though they are Chinese products, they offer enough reliability to work on other activities. Assembling and installing them is very easy and does not take up much time. However, you must be very sure to order the correct measurement.


  • Does not break easily
  • Has a high working load capacity
  • Ideal for tie-downs
  • Does not disrupt the vehicle’s functioning


  • The uneven finish on the shackle

Heyes 4pcs 1/4 Inch Multi Purpose 6mm Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

Heyous 4pcs 1/4 Inch 6mm Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bow Shape Load Clamp for Chains Wirerope Lifting Paracord Outdoor Camping Survival Rope Bracelets
  • Package: Pack of 4pcs 1/4"(6mm) Bow Shape Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, one-way screw, bolt design, more robust, easy and convenient to use.
  • Size: 1/4 inch (6mm), Max Open Width: 1/2" (13mm), Working Load Limit: 325kg / 716lbs, Breaking Load: 1500kg / 3300lbs
  • High Quality: Made of 304 stainless steel, higher hardness, moisture-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-rust, glossy and bright surface, non toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless. Solid design, abrasion resistant, strong load-bearing.
  • Use: Screw pin anchor shackles, used for coupling chain and wire rope for camping, hiking and other outdoor sports.
  • Application: The best use of connection accessories, apply to a variety of boat or household applications, could be also used in loading and unloading of goods, mining equipment, forestry machinery, land transportation, hoisting machinery and etc.

Elongation of pinholes or a bent on the surface often indicates overloading, which may not be safe to use. Immediate replacement of such damaged shackles will not halt any working schedule.

Heyes paracord bracelets or shackles have minimal distortion and provide enough strength. You will get four pieces of stainless-steel shackles in a set. High-quality materials are evident, with a smooth finish on its surface and a larger bow area. Each of them is identical in shape and size. 


The outer layer of the shackle has an alkali-resistant coating, which gives it more tensile strength and durability. Since it does not bend easily, the material is not brittle and can withstand heavyweight.

Its universal design makes it easier to work with tree savers. Further, it is also useful if you are looking forward to towing. Since it does not require any assembling, they are ready to use.

Controlling and tightening the shackles while in operation is not tough, but it is always better to use pliers for extra firmness. 


As there are no sharp edges, they are safe to use if you plan to take them camping. Screw pins of all the shackles, engage in the threads tightly and remain in contact with the shackle.

Even if you do not have pliers while camping or hiking, a simple twist with bare hands is sufficient, due to the wide loop of the bow, it can carry the weight in the center without any disbalance. 


Presence of a smooth surface on the shackle, the sling remains in the center. If necessary, more than one sling can easily accommodate the bow. However, you must keep a check on the overall load. 


  • No damages due to moisture
  • Does not rust easily
  • No polluting substances
  • Can bear heavy loads


  • The outer layer chirps off

Lind Kitchen 4pcs 1/4 Inch High-Quality Stainless Steel Bow Shackle Set

Ideal for small applications, these four shackles help with tasks like lifting a bag to a different floor. Using it as a bracelet while camping helps in pulling heavier objects, which otherwise are difficult with bare hands.

Along with each shackle, they have a securing screw pin with engaging threads. All of them have a smooth finish and are solid in structure. Their shape and form remain intact after continuous use and overloading. 

Resist Stains

The use of stainless steel in the shackles makes it resistant to immediate damage or corrosion. The presence of an invisible chromium layer makes it stronger and is ideal for those involved in lifting applications.

They do not damage themselves from heat and prove to be a cost advantage for regular users. 

Low Maintenance

Since these shackles’ loop is not too wide, they are useful for light applications like in the kitchen or the garage. There are no extra charges for different color coating. Their longevity saves a lot of money on frequent replacements.

However, you must make sure to avoid overloading them with weights as they have a smaller loop.

No Loosening

Although the sling attaches to the loop, the mounting ring attaches to the screw pin. Hence, it is important to use a shackle with a secured pin, which will help maintain its position. Once secured, they do not loosen up until they use manual force. 


  • Ideal for tethering heavier tools
  • Allows long-term usage
  • Inexpensive and highly recommended
  • No breakage in the shackle


  • Not ideal for vehicle recovery

Floor 304 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty and Weather Resistant D Ring Shackle

Flomore M6 D Ring Shackle Boat Anchor Shackle 304 Stainless Steel Chain Shackle Screw Pin Bow Shackle Pack of 10
  • Material:304 Stainless Steel (Durable and is of better corrosion resistant.Work well in damp room and outdoor environment)
  • Size:M6 Quantity:10
  • Surface:Wire drawing surface,comfortable hand feel.
  • Widely used for anchor chain,sailing hardware,towing;Can be connected with chain and rope fittings.Heavy duty and weather-resistant, can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Attention:we provide different sizes for different needs.Detailed size information are shown in the picture.Please refer to the picture to choose suitable size.

A pack of ten shackles is cost-efficient for those who are in constant need of this piece of equipment. Since they are identical in size, you will have to purchase them separately if you require different sizes.

The seller also offers various sizes ranging from M4 to M16 for more than one application. The quality of the material is evident with the feel on the hand while holding. They have a smooth finish and a unique shine on the surface. 

Easy Fitting

The opening of the shackle is wide enough to fit in almost all mounts, especially in a broken chain. A chain can again become functional if you connect the broken sides with a Flomore M6.

There is no need for any specialized installation tools. A basic idea of its correct usage does the trick. 


The strength and quality materials of the shackles make them useful in any weather. With multiple uses, they are convenient both indoors and outdoors without any damage to their efficiency.

Ranging from heavy rainfall to extreme heat, they are ideal in any situation. 


Its claim to resist rust and corrosion is evident to a large extent. The Screw-pin handle is not difficult to hold and twist. Unlike others, it does not require pliers to tighten the latch. This feature is useful to carry while traveling with minimal types of equipment in hand.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Do damages in a moist environment
  • Different sizes available
  • Has a high tensile strength


  • Requires lubrication while opening

Docooler 10 PCS High-Quality O Shape Anchor Shackle

10 PCS O Shape Anchor Shackle, Zinc alloy Heavy Duty Load Clamp for Chains Wirerope Lifting Paracord Outdoor Camping Survival Rope Bracelets.
  • Package: Pack of 10pcs O Shape Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, one-way screw, bolt design, more robust, easy and convenient to use.
  • Dimension of O shackle: 28 * 22mm / 1.1 * 0.9in, Screw pin length: 28mm / 1.1in, Item weight: 10g / 0.4oz (each)
  • High Quality: Made of Zinc alloy, higher hardness, moisture-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-rust, glossy and bright surface, non toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless. Solid design, abrasion resistant, strong load-bearing.
  • Use: Screw pin anchor shackles, used for coupling chain and wire rope for camping, hiking and other outdoor sports.
  • Application: The best use of connection accessories, apply to a variety of boat or household applications, could be also used in loading and unloading of goods, mining equipment, forestry machinery, land transportation, hoisting machinery and etc.

If you are an adventurous person and often involved in paragliding, a suitable shackle like Docooler is a must-have. Although paracords are light in weight, multiple strands of them can hold an average weighing person.

Docooler shackles are useful while encountering a critical situation as it is easy to use and release. You receive ten pieces of these shackles in a single order, sufficient to run for a long time. Hence they are cost-saving and also save multiple purchases, time, and effort. 


Although the material is shiny and smooth, it turns out to be an alloy. Apart from being light in weight, the outer silver layer is well-painted and does not seem to come out soon.

However, there is some doubt about how long each one of them can sustain. Further, the screw pins have a larger head area, making them easier to hold and turn. 


As already mentioned, they are useful as paracord bracelets, lifting heavy objects, and other similar but simple rigging. Since the surface is smooth, the slings remain at the center while balancing the other angles. 


Apart from being reliable, these shackles are sturdy and long-lasting. They remain persistent in their performance and remain stable in between transfers. 


  • Well-packed and intact
  • Bigger holes in pinheads
  • Dismantling is not tough
  • Easy to use


  • Some threads are non-functional

Crosby 1018543-1″ Size Carbon Steel S-209 Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

Crosby 1018543 Carbon Steel S-209 Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, Self-Colored, 8-1/2 Ton Working Load Limit, 1" Size
  • carbon anchor shackle
  • S-209 screw pin
  • self-colored
  • forged-quenched & tempered with alloy pins
  • can be used in tie down, towing, suspension or lifting applications

One of the well-known tie-down shackles is from Crosby, which instantly proves its efficiency in usage. High-quality materials and a smooth finish indicate the classic craftsmanship that every user looks for.

Thus, if the budget is not a strain, and you want to explore more options on shackles and prefer quality, this is the one. They work well in every sector ranging from vehicle recovery and paracord bracelets to lifting and placing objects.

Crosby’s shackles are compact, solid, and durable, along with their respective screwpine. 


A bright layer of powder coating on the shackle prevents it from rusting and thus is useful in any climatic condition. If you are using it for installation in the vehicle bumper, it will surely enhance its looks with its attractive red paint. 

Effortless Installation

Being a connecting device, it also has a removable pin, which has threads to engage in the shackle’s ears. You may use your hands to tighten the screw or may also use pliers.

Once the shoulder of the pin attaches to the first ear securely, it is ready to use. Thus, there is no need for any installation skills or tools. 


The use of forged steel in their manufacturing ensures that they yield better mechanical abilities. Their properties of resisting impacts give them more importance.

Since they do not break easily, they do not require frequent replacements. As a result, it becomes a one-time investment for a long period.


  • Does not crack or bend
  • Superior corrosion and heat resistant
  • Powder coating resists moisture
  • Ideal for varied applications


  • Expensive than others

Buying Considerations for the Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

screw pin anchor shackle

We are sure you have a basic idea about the varied uses of shackles and the features to look out for them. With quite a few different brands in the market, it might be difficult to choose the perfect one.

Different types of best screw pin anchor shackles have their needs in different types of activities. Below mentioned are some factors that you must consider while in the purchasing process. 


Any product’s cost is an essential factor of all as it persuades the buyer to either choose or reject. Hence, it is better to decide on a budget before searching for a particular shackle as per your affordability.

There are a lot of options to choose from, with different price ranges for all. The cost of each shackle also depends on its size, quality, and features. For further price reduction, you can also avail of the deals and discounts that the seller often offers.


screw pin anchor shackle

It is better to measure the size of the mounting ring before choosing a particular size. Different sellers offer different sizes of shackles. The width and depth of the bow matter as per the activity you need it for.

Also, ensure that the size of the screw pin is apt to feed the ears of the shackle. 


While choosing the best screw pin anchor shackle, ensure the type you want. The most common ones are the O-shaped useful as paracord bracelets. D-ring anchor shackles are convenient while going for adventures like paragliding or hiking.

¼ inch shackles are apt for rigging and other outdoor activities that do not require multiple slings. Galvanized shackles have more tensile strength and offer more durability.


screw pin anchor shackle

The chosen best screw pin anchor shackle must follow industry standards and consist of high-quality materials. Forged and galvanized steel are quite impressive in resisting corrosion, rust, and moisture, thus increasing their longevity. 


Before you select a particular shackle for replacing the older one, ensure that they are versatile. If required, you can either purchase a single piece or a pack of multiple. Choose the one which can serve different purposes.

To ensure quality, evaluate the brand name and size of the shackle engraved on its body. Some of them also include washers and a rubberized area for extra security and grip. Also, ensure to check the loading capacity with that of your requirement to prevent breakage due to overloading. 

Final Verdict

We hope to enlighten you with all the necessary details required to purchase the best screw pin anchor shackle as we conclude the review. Since there are many options available, each with some similarities and unique differences, choosing the apt one is up to you.

Along with maintaining your budget, make sure you choose the better quality to ensure longevity and efficiency. A pack of multiple is more-cost efficient and saves extra time and effort.

Shackles are quite small in size compared to larger tools and accessories but serve quite an important part in connecting different objects. Thus, while you set out to look for different options, pay more emphasis on the quality.

Each one of them has its own set of pros and cons, which requires attention. Next time you plan to replace screw pin anchor shackles, do not forget to look at this review for guidance. 

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