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Best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag in 2024 Reviews

A waterproof rooftop cargo bag is a soft type of carrier that is much cheaper as compared to a hard-shell cargo bag. As it is made from a softer material, this unit can be folded with ease while allowing you to save space when it comes to storage. Installing a rack is also not a necessity, which eliminates the hassle of doing so. So, if you are on the lookout for this type of product, it may be worth checking out these best waterproof rooftop cargo bags. We have gathered our top 10 picks to help you select the right item that will match your needs and standards.

When buying a waterproof rooftop cargo bag, you should consider the size that fits your vehicle. These carriers range from a size of 10 to as much as 25 cubic feet. Think about your car’s size and consider one that can realistically handle the load you plan on placing on top of your vehicle. A cargo bag that comes with an aerodynamic design is also worth buying since it helps minimize wind noise.

Most importantly, choose a car-top carrier that is highly durable. Go for one made from ABS plastic, as this offers a hardcover for your carrier, as well as optimum protection for various weather conditions. Lastly, a security lock is another feature to look for in a top carrier, so you can have the peace of mind that all your items are saved even if you leave them unattended.

Best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag in 2024 Reviews

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at our best waterproof rooftop cargo bag in 2020 reviews. Find out which among these suits your needs perfectly as you check the different features and benefits of each item.

Keeper Waterproof 15 Cubic Feet Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Bag 07203-1

With a total of 15 cubic feet of maximum space, this rooftop cargo bag gives you the extra room you need inside your vehicle. It can fit any roof racks that come with multiple attachment capabilities on all 4 sides. However, if there are fewer than 4, you will need to ensure a secure attachment to prevent any issues with your cargo. As this comes with a waterproof design, your load is protected from rain, wind, sun, and road grit. The soft sides can also fit any odd-shaped or bulky loads without any problem.

There are a few things to think about this item, though. Some small tears may develop over time on the front edge portion of the carrier, which happens when you go on a long trip. Gas mileage may also be impacted due to high winds or high speeds.

SHIELD JACKET Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Travel Bag

Designed for SUVs, vans, and larger vehicles, this cargo travel carrier with a waterproof design is great for long road trips whenever you need to bring with you a huge load. You can lug a number of items on the roof of your vehicle instead of stuffing them all in the car, which gives you more space for your comfort.

As there is a total of 15 cubic feet of space offered by this cargo carrier, even oddly shaped and oversized objects can surely fit inside. With welded seams that seal the water out, this is a truly waterproof cargo bag to match your needs. Made from double-wall vinyl with a waterproof zipper and two compression straps, packing your items and travelling has never been this convenient.

Overall, this is a sturdy carrier with melted seams. However, make it a point not to place sharp objects inside to prevent damage. Securing the strap flapping is also necessary to make sure there are no noises produced each time you drive by.

Rain-X Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Rain-X Roof Top Cargo Carrier
  • Attaches to roof top racks. Measures 35 x 35 x 18 inches / 89 x 89 x 46 cm when in full use
  • Made with rugged waterproof tarpaulin material with heat-sealed seams to keep contents dry
  • Keeps luggage safe, dry and secure - holds (four) 27” suitcases
  • Folds down into small storage bag for easy keeping and carrying
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof zipper and dual, overlapping flaps. Quick release buckles for easy access

This item can be attached to your rooftop racks without any problem, and it offers a good amount of space for your load. Made from high-quality tarpaulin with durable melted seams, your items can remain dry and safe during transit. It is spacious enough to accommodate as many as 4 suitcases with sizes 27 inches each. After use, fold this carrier down into a small bag for storage or easy carrying. With overlapping flaps and a waterproof zipper, all your items are safe from harm with this product.

To prevent inconvenience, you may want to check the straps and be sure these are very tight to prevent your items from falling or getting wet. If you are planning on using this on your SUV or large vehicle, you should measure the clearance as there might not be ample space left for you to pass through a low ceiling or clearance on the road.

OxGord 10 Cubic Feet Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Carrier

OxGord Roof Top Cargo Rack Water Resistant Carrier Bag for Vehicles, 10 Cubic Feet
  • DIMENSIONS: 34 x 34 x 16 inches.
  • DURABLE: Constructed of 600 D-water resistant material.
  • SECURE:Featuring heavy duty lockable zippers and camp-buckle straps for heightened security.
  • SPACIOUS: Over 10 cubic feet of storage and attaches to the roof top racks.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Use the adjustable straps to attach to the roof top rack. When it’s not in use just fold it up for simple storage.

When it comes to the installation process, this carrier is quite a breeze to set up. Once ready, there should be more space for you to move around in the car, as this unit is compatible with your crossbars, cargo baskets, and even roof rack side rails. It is a frameless carrier, which enables you to fold it right up after use. Perfect for road trips, camping, and for lugging sporting equipment, this is an indispensable product for your storage needs in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, some people complain about the unit’s inability to protect items from the rain. The items inside are not drenched completely in the rain, but still, they are a bit moist, which is surprising because this carrier claims to be waterproof.

Rightline Gear Roof Top Carrier 12 Cubic Feet 100S10

With brilliant dual seam technology and PVC mesh material used for the rooftop carrier, you will be amazed by the level of protection that this product has to offer to your cargo while sitting on top of your vehicle. The Hydrotuff and PVC mesh is sewn securely together for optimum strength, and these are welded to ensure waterproof quality. The flap has a folded-down design with hook and loop closures to secure it to the carrier. As there are urethane-coated zippers, rainwater can never enter the cargo carrier.

However, it would be better if the flap located on the back portion was larger since it fails to cover the zipper completely when the whole thing is secured and tied down. But at the same time, you will be satisfied with the quality of the zippers as these can accommodate a standard padlock without any problem.

Rage Powersports Low-Profile Waterproof Cargo Bag RBG-05

Apex RBG-05 39" Low-Profile Flexible Waterproof Vehicle Cargo Bag
  • 6.5 Cubic feet soft-sided vehicle cargo storage bag; works with roof racks or interior vehicle storage
  • Measures 39" L x 26" W x 11" H
  • Self-repairing zipper with integrated storm flap; low-profile design for parking or entering overhead areas with limited clearance
  • Includes 4 adjustable tie-down straps and 2 cinch straps
  • Water-resistant PVC-coated nylon

Made with waterproof features, this cargo bag for vehicles comes with a storage capacity of 6.45 cubic feet. Since it is a low profile, there should be no problem when using this unit for limited clearance in tunnels and garages. It is rugged and all-weather storage for your cargo carriers while keeping everything organized. This soft-sided roof carrier has a waterproof flap system integrated into the unit with 2 cinch straps and 4 tie-down straps with an adjustable design.

For the price you pay, this product works. Just a bit of a leakage that occurred when exposed to heavy rains. But overall, it works just as expected.

Rightline Gear Sport 2 15 Cubic Feet Car Top Cargo Carrier 100S20

Rightline Gear Sport 2 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Top of Vehicle, Attaches With or Without Roof Rack, 15 Cubic Feet, Black
  • Car Top Carrier: Our convenient roof cargo carrier allows you to keep your gear up top, so you can transport belongings and passengers without compromising on safety, comfort, or convenience
  • Intuitive Features: Specially designed to keep your gear dry, our car roof cargo carrier features welded seams and a SZIP waterproof zipper
  • Quality Construction: Constructed of UV-protected PVC semi-coated mesh, our durable vehicle cargo carriers are designed to keep your belongings dry and won't fly off your roof
  • Simple Setup: Simply attach the straps of the roof bag to your vehicle’s roof rack or use the included car clips to attach the straps to your vehicle’s door frame weather molding
  • Seamless Storage: Our rooftop cargo bag folds down for storage in the included stuff sack; Car roof bag, 4 attachment straps, 4 car clips, and stuff sack with sewn-in setup guide included

Whether your vehicle has a roof rack or none, this car top carrier truly works well. It is 100 per cent waterproof, and it comes with UV protection for the PVC mesh and hydro tuff material to ensure its durability. With materials sewn together, the seams are indeed waterproof. It comes with an aerodynamic design to save you money at the gas pump. This is truly a durable and well-made carrier for your cargo, with long straps to keep it secure.

Just a little something to think about when it comes to fully securing the straps. Once the straps are pulled tightly, the ends of the strap have a tendency to dangle and hit your face. So, you may want to use hair clips to prevent this issue completely.

RoofBag 100 Percent Waterproof Cross Country Soft Roof Top Cargo Carrier

17 Cubic Waterproof RoofBag Car Rooftop Cargo with Strong Straps + Storage Bag + 3 Duffle Bags
  • FITS ANY SIZE CAR, small, medium or large, with or without sunroof or moonroof.
  • MOST SECURE DESIGN: Your belongings are safe at any highway speed with the roof top car cargo carrier boasting the strongest nylon straps: 1.5” wide, 3,000 lbs strong. RoofBag’s exclusive pass-through straps have been safety-tested for 18 years. They don’t interfere with side curtains since they enter at corner of door frame. Door hooks or clips are not safe for most cars in the US: they don’t have the required lip under door gasket. However, if you car has lip, buy door hooks from RoofBag store
  • TRULY WATERPROOF: RoofBag keeps your valued contents dry, offering the benefits of a rigid roof top car cargo carrier and the practicality of a roof cargo bag. Peace-of-mind waterproofness is achieved by making the RoofBag car roof bag from a single piece of waterproof material with no exposed stitching. A double flap protects the zipper and stays in place without the need for velcro. Straps are water-repellent. For ultimate water-tightness, zipper has no gap. Tip: install with logo to the rear
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Not only is the RoofBag car topper luggage carrier waterproof, but it is also extremely sturdy. 18 years of improvements led to a roof bag cargo carrier made to last: military-grade fabric that will not peel or tear, is resistant to cold, heat, and UV, and best of all, is free of harmful chemicals, so that you can safely use it for baby clothes. Customer satisfaction is ensured by experienced US staff and by a 2-year warranty. Tip: fill bag completely to avoid wind-flapping damage
  • QUIET, FUEL EFFICIENT, EASY TO INSTALL: Our car rooftop car carrier is lower at the front, higher at the back for best fuel economy and a quiet ride. Built with heavy fabric to reduce noise, RoofBag was engineered to maximize storage space and fuel economy. 2 sizes available: 13 and 17 cu ft. (Larger bags than 17 cu ft are not recommended: they are unstable and noisy and greatly increase gas use). Tip: fill bag completely to keep aerodynamic shape - Leave 8” clear roof space in front of bag

If you need superior weather protection, then you can get exactly what you want from this rooftop car carrier. Made from heavy-duty and solid polyester canvas, there is a durable vinyl layer coating on both sides to ensure waterproof capability. Rough handling is also easily addressed, as well as intense weather, due to the design without any exposed stitching and completely sealed joints. Whenever you need extra room in your vehicle, this is truly an outstanding solution worth your dollar.

This carrier is rather heavy and a bit awkward, according to some customers. Folding it can also be challenging, although it is not impossible to do. Just requires some work, but you will love the fact that it holds up well when exposed to strong rains.

Cargoloc 15 Cubic Feet Roof Top Waterproof Carrier 32424

Cargoloc 32424 15-Cubic/Feet Deluxe Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Carrier
  • PVC lined interior with welded seams
  • 8 adjustable straps with side release buckles
  • Heavy duty zipper with protective flap

A reasonably priced rooftop carrier for your vehicle, this is great for short trips whenever you need extra room in your car. It can hold multiple items without any problem, whether it is your camping chairs, tent, and other bulky things. There are also no issues to worry about, such as a serious drag or even flapping noises.

One complaint that some users have about this item is the strap design. This component is not connected to the bag, and the nylon does not seem to be too sturdy because of its lightweight quality. For a road trip that takes a few hours, there should be no problem with this unit. But it may not hold up too well if you will have to travel for thousands of miles.

G4Free Waterproof Roof Top Carrier with Side Straps 18.5 Cubic Feet

Offering 18.5 cubic feet of maximum storage capacity, this is one of the largest rooftop carriers you can find on the market today. It works great for SUVs, trucks, minivans, and several other large vehicles. You can get a larger space inside the vehicle by using this carrier without compromising the safety of your cargo on the roof. With waterproof sealing and dual seam technology, this item can protect your items from rain, wind, road grip, and the intense heat of the sun. There are 10 straps included, with 8 shorter straps for an SUV with a roof rack.

Just one thing you may want to know about this product – be sure to zip the bag tightly and tie it down securely. Otherwise, rain can enter, and leakage may arise.


There you have our best waterproof rooftop cargo carriers in 2022 reviews. We hope that after checking out our list, you were able to discover the perfect item suitable for your needs and standards for a worry-free road trip all the time.

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