3 Quick Methods of How to Remove Scratches From Headlights By Yourself

how to remove scratches from headlights

How to remove scratches from headlights is a crucial question to answer. Many people encounter this issue! Here is how you solve it once and for all! How to remove scratches from headlights is a heated and commonly discussed topic. Did you know that scratched headlights become blurry, yellowed, and emit just 20% of the … Read more

DIY Steps of How To Change Brake Light and Replacement By Garage Tools

how to change brake light

A vehicle with a faulty brake light is not safe/roadworthy, especially when driving in traffic. To avoid getting booked for safety/traffic offenses, you should learn how to change the brake light whenever it becomes faulty or acts up. Every vehicle component has its unique function, irrespective of how minor or irrelevant it might appear. In … Read more

How to Install Electric Radiator Cooling Fan: All You Need to Know!

install electric radiator cooling fan

Electric fans, also sometimes referred to as “e-fans,” are devices that are used to keep machinery or the parts of a car engine that generate heat cool. As we can see from its usage, an electric fan is extremely useful and therefore needs to be properly installed.  However, to a lot of people’s dismay, because … Read more

Different Types of Truck Hitches: Explained in Details

types of truck hitches

You will often use a truck hitch if you need to connect a trailer to your truck for towing. However, there are various types of truck hitches available, and all have different uses and factors that determine how effective they are at their job.  While it can be overwhelming, this article will help explain the … Read more

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items

fix a cracked windshield with household items

Many of us with a broken windshield often look for an alternative to taking the vehicle to a garage for repair. Even with the car insured, the trip to the garage is pretty expensive. The good news is you don’t have to make the trip every time you end up with a cracked windshield. There … Read more

How to Paint Car Wheels

how to paint car wheels

For most people, their car is their most prized possession. So, it is very important for them to take care of their car and maintain them. And there are many things that go into making sure that your car looks as good as new; painting is something you must look into if you are planning … Read more

How to Stop Engine from Burning Oil: Fix it Right Now!

stop engine from burning oil

When your engine starts to burn oil, it’s best to get that checked as soon as possible, as it usually means that there is some internal damage that might become dangerous if neglected.  Burning oil is usually indicated by a blueish smoke expelled by the tailpipe. It can also occur during acceleration or even startup, … Read more